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Printable Christmas Cards for Kids: Free Cards to Send to Family and Friends 2018

Published by Billye Nickel

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Printable Christmas cards for kids are an easy way to keep children entertained when the parent is otherwise occupied. The card making process could not be more simple: identify the Christmas card idea that is most appropriate, print on a sheet of A4 paper and color it in.

Why Use Printable Christmas Cards for Kids?

Given that money is hard to come by, free animated cards are a way of saving some money over the festive period. It may not be a life-changing sum of money, but every penny counts in the current financial climate.

Other than saving a few bucks, free printable Christmas cards are a way of achieving greater child involvement. Far more effort goes into uniquely producing a Xmas card rather than sending one straight out of the packet. This is likely to be far more appreciated by all of the recipients.

ActivityVillage.co.uk – Free Printable Christmas Cards for Kids

This website offers a fine assortment of free Xmas cards for kids. Simply print them off, color them in, fold the A4 sheet and send them to family and friends. Options to choose from include Christmas trees, Santa Claus, cakes, bears and even a picture of a family putting up Xmas decorations.

They also cater for children of different ages; some cards are relatively involved and others are more basic. It is necessary to make an assessment of a child’s artistic ability before printing a card off. The more complex cards are a great way of occupying a child’s time.


PrintFree.com – Ready Made Printable Christmas Cards

If simply looking for a way to reduce expenses, there are Christmas greeting cards that only need to be printed off and sent to family and friends. These particular cards are most suitable for those who lack time to perform all of their own coloring work or wish to save money. Remember that a color printer is necessary as black and white cards don’t look very attractive.

Printable Christmas cards for kids are a clever way of turning a parental chore into a fun and enjoyable activity for children. Producing free cards to send to friends and family not only helps to save money, it develops the child’s creativity.

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