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Pumpkin Bowling for Halloween Parties, or Trick-Or-Treaters

Published by Lanny Hadad

holiday party for Halloween. The game is very simple to create, it’s likely you either have the supplies already around your house or you will only need to spend a minimal amount of money to purchase the supplies you need to make your party a success with this game. It can even be used to entertain trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood on Halloween.


The supplies you will need for this game are very simple. They include a couple of small to medium size pumpkins, and bowling pins. The bowling pins can either come from a plastic set or in a pinch empty 2-liter soda bottles can be used as pins. You will also need candy to award as prizes.

Setting The Game Up

The set-up for this game is very simple. First, cut the stem off the top of the pumpkin to make it easier to roll on the ground. Next set up your pins. Set them up in the standard bowling format in a triangle with one pin in the first row, two in the second, three in the third and four in the back row. Choose a distance to label as the foul line which players can’t cross. In this game about 10-15 feet is plenty.

Playing The Game

Give each player a turn to roll a pumpkin towards the pins. If they knock all the pins down on the first roll that is a strike. If not, give them a second chance to knock the remaining pins down. If they succeed they receive a space. If not, they do not win a prize, or they receive a consolation prize.

The Prizes

For the consolation prize, award either a small piece of candy or a choice of a piece of candy from a bowl with small pieces of candy. For spares, offer either two choices from the small candy bowl or a slightly larger piece of candy. For anyone bowling a strike, have a bowl with full size candy bars and let them choose one.


Do you want to change the game up a little bit? Well of course you can customize the rules. One suggestion I have is giving anyone bowling a strike the opportunity to risk their candy bar. Tell them they can try for a second strike in a row to get one of the giant sized candy bars sold at stores. The trick is though if they fail to get that second strike they receive the prize for a spare instead of the prize they would have received for their original strike. Another way to change this game up is just to let everyone have one roll, and determine how many pins need to be knocked down for jumbo, large, medium, and small prizes.

It’s All About The Fun

Remember, Halloween parties are supposed to be about having fun. Hopefully this game will add some variety to your party and make it more enjoyable for your guests. Pumpkin bowling can be played at a party for any age group. If you have a limited number of trick-or-treaters in your area you can also set this game up on Halloween when they visit your house as a unique experience.

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