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Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt for Halloween Parties

Published by Lamar Buker

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Are You Looking for a Good Ice Breaker Game for Your Halloween Party?

Many people will either be hosting or guests at Halloween parties over the course of the next month. Many will be looking for activities or games for people to play. Here is a game that can be played during the entire length of the Halloween party. The concept of the game is very simple. It’s a scavenger hunt. In this game the object is to find as many pumpkins as possible and get the highest point total by the end of the night.

You might think this could get a little cumbersome and might lead to unpleasant surprises/smells months later if you hide the pumpkins really well and nobody finds them. Well that’s why these pumpkins are actually created out of construction paper. Go ahead and get a pack of orange construction paper. Cut out a large number of pumpkins in various sizes. Decorate the pumpkins however you wish with crayons, and put a point value on the back of each pumpkin.

The smaller pumpkins in general should have higher point values, but the point values should be assigned also based on where you hide the pumpkins. If they are hidden in a very difficult place to find then their value should be higher. A small pumpkin in an easy place to find and a large pumpkin in a hard place to find should have similar point values for this Halloween party game.

There is not a lot of strategy in this Halloween game, it is more of a time killer for people to play during the party. The great thing is this game can continue throughout the length of the game. Have pumpkins hidden centered around other games you will be playing during the night so they might not be discovered until you are playing that game.

At the end of the party ask everyone to total up the points on the back of their pumpkins. The winner is determined by who has the most points, not by who discovered the most pumpkins. Give the winner a special prize for their accomplishment.

You can actually have a variety of winners though if you choose. You could have different categories such as “who found the most pumpkins”, “who found the pumpkin with the highest point value”, etc. You can even put a name on each pumpkin with the point value and give anyone who found the pumpkin with their own name on it a prize as well. The flexibility in this Halloween Party Game as a Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt is endless, have fun with it.



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