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Quick, Easy Centerpieces for Fall, Thanksgiving

Published by Gino Wahl

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No time to put together a fall or Thanksgiving centerpiece? The perfect autumn table décor might be right outside your own back door.

Autumn theme dinners, fall parties and Thanksgiving dinners don’t require a lot of effort to be put into a table centerpiece. Nature provides the fundamentals for some beautiful fall table decorations. The ingredients and supplies are sometimes right outside your door, and decorating a table for a fall theme can be quick and easy.

Fresh flowers, autumn leaves, fall fruits and vegetables and other seasonal items can be fashioned into a natural table centerpiece for fall or Thanksgiving dinner.

Fresh Flowers in a Can or Jar

Rinse out an empty can of pumpkin, peaches, apple pie filling, or another canned autumn harvest food – any pretty, colorful can, really – and fill it with zinnias, daisies, sunflowers or other fall blooms. Glass Mason jars or other canning jars are another great last-minute vase idea.

Rimmed Votive Candles

With only a few materials, you can turn a plain glass votive candleholder into a fall theme centerpiece. Wrap a wide rubber band around the candleholder and insert cinnamon sticks vertically, side by side, until the outside is covered. Tie a raffia bow around the middle, covering the rubber band. If you don’t have enough cinnamon sticks on hand, use small twigs for a natural effect.

Quick Cornucopia

A cornucopia or “horn of plenty” is a symbol of an overabundant harvest. Create your own overflow of goodies with a basket lying on its side and fresh fruits and vegetables spilling out. Add autumn leaves, nuts, acorns, pinecones and other items from nature’s bounty to add to the effect.

Gourds Used in Centerpieces

Pick up a bag-full of gourds from the produce department on your next trip to the grocery store, and you’ll have the fixings for an autumn centerpiece for the entire season. Fill a large hurricane case with gourds of all sizes, shapes and colors. Or simply arrange the gourds in a scattered line down the middle of the table.

Pumpkin Centerpiece Ideas

Jack-o-lanterns are not just for the front porch. A carved jack-o-lantern lit with a candle inside, makes a fun centerpiece, surrounded by candy corn and spiraled black ribbon streamers.

Or skip the elaborate carving and just cut the top off of a pumpkin, hollow out the inside, reattach the “lid” by wiring it off to one side and fill with fresh flowers, pine cones or colorful autumn leaves.

Apple Centerpiece Ideas

Apples are a fall staple and a reminder of all those delightful comfort foods they bring. A big glass bowl filled with water and Gala apples is a simple enough but rustic centerpiece.

Large, tall vases filled with apples, a basket lined in gingham fabric and filled with red and green apples, and a brandy-glass-shaped vase filled with moss, leaves and apples, make a nice presentation, too.

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