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Raining on Halloween Night? Tips to Keep it Fun

Published by Jordan Coria

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You never know what weather will greet Halloween revelers. Thus, if one is out for a Halloween trick or treat or party, take account of what the weather may be. In most places at the Midwest, there could be either rain or snow. Thus, the first thing one must check is the weather before going out. Kids should particularly be protected from the weather without disallowing them to have fun on Halloween. Thus here are some tips to remember:

  1. If it is obviously raining, kids should make sure that they wear rain boots or galoshes and a raincoat or jacket under their costumes. Halloween is a kid’s delight but it shouldn’t be at the expense of their personal health and welfare. The right protective clothing over their costumes can assure parents that their kids will have the flu or fever the next day.
  2. To make Halloween more fun during a rainy day, plan on decorating the raincoats and boots with “scary” designs too. For instance, a black plastic “cape” can protect the kids from the rain or snow. Stickers of goblins and witches on the boots allow them to enjoy the night of trick and treating despite the rain. Creative ideas can be applied with functional ideas– for instance, one an umbrella if one’s role is the “Witch Nanny”. Or you can make the boots “bloody” by soaking it with fake blood.
  3. Make sure that kids go out in groups when treat n treating accompanied by an adult who can make sure that they are safe walking around the neighborhood despite the weather.

4.Have someone help plan the kid’s trick or treat’s party by calling every neighbor in advance and making sure that they know they would have to let the kids inside of their houses for the treats. Kids standing too long outside the houses despite inclement weather may expose them to risk. If possible, parents should drive them around the block.

  1. Let the neighbors leave bright lights open even during the dark winter or a rainy day so that the kids will know that the candies and treats are there waiting for them. On a dark winter or rainy day, there should be more lights.
  2. If only a group of four or five kids are attempting to go treat and treating on their own without any adult, it would be advisable for each of them to have flashlights on a rainy or wintry evening.

7.If the weather is REALLY bad, organize the kids to stay at one place and give them treats and celebrate the night by telling then Halloween stories instead. Then, encourage them to tell “scare” each other with their own horror stories.

  1. Make sure that the kid’s costumes and “fake wounds” do not wash out in the rain by giving them paper bags (not plastic) which they can put over their faces .Cut holes in these bags to make sure that their eyes and noses are exposed. They can take off the paper bag as part of the “surprise” scare when they stop for their treats. If paper bags do not seem safe enough, make the kids wear caps to protect their painted faces from getting washed off by the rain.

9.If the weather is bad for trick and treating, parents can plan to bring the kids to spend the night at one of the neighborhood houses and put on a about two or three scary movies that the kids can enjoy. Make it a Halloween neighborhood party instead and the whole neighborhood can drop by the place to give out their treats.

  1. Teens or adult Halloween parties should be held inside a covered court or indoors. Adults and teens can easily have a good time by having a costume dance, listening to scary music or watching horror movies with their friends. There is no reason why the weather should ruin anyone’s Halloween fun. It only takes creativity, some advanced planning and the right clothes/costumes to wear.



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