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Rainy Halloween Nights: Options for Dealing with Them

Published by Jewell Kalafatis

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How to Keep the Kids Safe

In the 25 years we have had children, my wife and I have encountered many Halloween nights where the weather did not cooperate. While a light drizzle doesn’t much matter with respect to rain, heavy rains or something as bad like heavy fog or even snow can be a “Trick-or-Treat” stopper, and it should be. The last thing that a family wants to do is to be pit in a vulnerable position which bad weather does. Additionally not as many people will come to door anyway. Rainy weather makes a child invisible; rainy weather inhibits the parent from seeing possible dangers and being out in that type of weather can impact a child with already low resistance.

What can a family do?

First, set up family stops where mom and dad take the children in the car and relatives are most generous with their treats.

Often a church or even the police department will host Halloween nights and provide treats and allow the kids to show off their costumes. This is done inside.

If you are aware of a nice apartment complex, then it is a good idea, if it is allowed, to go door-to-door inside the building.

Instead of getting candy, give candy. Allow your kids to wear their outfits but you buy them candy and then let them dole it at say a crisis home or nursery.

Go out as a family to a movie. Additionally go out to eat. Then, come home and allow the kids to find a lot of candy that you’ve provided.

Take a lot of pictures as you go around with family.

One idea we used for several years was to have a Halloween party. We had the kids’ friends over to the house and played games and gave out a lot of candy; they didn’t even miss going out.

Along the same line we made our house up as a haunted house.

Rent two or three old “scary movies.” While you watch them together have the kid’s parade in their outfits and you tell stories and make “scary noises.”

Go for a ride in the car and “hunt” for places giving out free candy. Often hospitals, police stations, video stores and grocery stores give out free candy.

If you know in advance, ask the kids if there is something they would rather do.

Go for a ride and look at decorations. We stopped at every house that had a great decoration and they almost without exception had good treats.

These days it isn’t a bad idea to curtail Trick-or-Treating anyway because there are so many innate dangers.

When I was a kid, Halloween was ushered in by Trick-or-Treating three days prior and up to Halloween,

Today Halloween brings plenty of problems even without bad weather however; there are still plenty of options for the resourceful parent.



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