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Reading: Five Halloween Books for Your Preschooler

Published by Julie Averbeck

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Afraid that your child will be affected by this season of horrors? This Halloween season, as you watch the leaves fall off the trees and listen to ghosts and goblins moan and howl their greetings, find a good book to read about the excitement of the season – without scaring your preschooler! Here are some books that make the be-witching hours of October more a time for fits of giggles than fits of fright…

1.The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin (by Joe Troiano and Susan Banta) – sure to bring on fits of giggles, this beautifully told story shows that everyone is not the same and that is alright. In fact, the hero Spookley is perfect just the way he is – square and all!

2.Happy Halloween, Stinky Face (by Lisa McCourt)- once again the queries of a bright child come to light with the fear that his mom might just not love him anymore if he were – a monster, an alien, or even a scary animal – only to be reassured that moms love their children no matter what.

3.Mrs. McNosh and the Great Big Squash (by Sarah Weeks) – a book of rhyming adventure, Mrs. McNosh grows a squash that wreaks havoc all around town until she takes matters into her own hands. Kids love hearing just what trouble this vegetable can get into and how her unique solution makes a difference.

4.Apple Trouble! (by Ragnhild Scamell) – when one little hedgehog comes out of her nest, look out! It could be nothing BUT trouble! You and your child can’t help but laugh as you recant all of the silly things stuck to her little spikes.

  1. Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever! (By Don Freeman) – Corduroy, the beloved overall-clad bear, has a sweet story to tell in this Halloween book. Beautifully illustrated, this is a great read for before bedtime.

So put aside the candy bars and caramel apples this Halloween and cuddle up with a silly book and your favorite little monster.



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