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Religious Easter Fun for Kids: Family Activities before and on Resurrection Sunday

Like Christmas, Easter has become a tad commercialized. Many young children don’t really know the true meaning of Easter. The fact is that Easter has little to do with Easter eggs or Easter bunnies. It is about the great sacrifice that Jesus Christ made and his resurrection three days after his crucifixion.

For families that want to teach children about the true meaning of Easter, here are some religious Easter fun ideas for kids.

Real Story of Easter

Tell kids the real story of Easter. Never mind if they’ve heard it before. By retelling the story, the kids will better grasp the reason for celebrating Easter, or more appropriately, Resurrection Sunday. Tell them that Christians believe that Jesus was betrayed and crucified on a wooden cross. He died so that the sins of men would be forgiven and it is through faith in Jesus that his followers will receive eternal life with God in heaven. Jesus was crucified on a Friday, now known as Good Friday, and he rose from death three days later on Easter Sunday.

Religious Easter Books for Kids

Read religious Easter books for kids. Check out the library for the following titles – A Heart for Jesus by Juanita Bynum [Charismakids, 2005], The Big Book of Catholic Customs and Traditions by Beth McNamara Branigan, Sue Robinson and Anne E. Neuberger [Sunday Visitor, 2003], Early Easter Morning by Marti Beuschlein and Patricia A. Hoffman [Concordia Publishing House, 1998] and The Easter Angels by Bob Hartman [Lion Publishing, 2000].

Christian Crafts for Kids

Another ideal way to remind children of Jesus’ love for them is by involving them in making Christian crafts. Try making a beaded Jesus necklace, a standing cross, a Jesus magnet for the fridge, a small cross pin for a new plant in the garden. Include short verses from the bible or Easter messages of hope, faith, love and forgiveness on all the crafts created. For more ideas on Christian crafts for kids, check out the Apples4theTeacher website.

Religious Online Activities for Kids

Keep the kids amused and at the same time teach them about the life of Jesus and His teachings using a host of online activities, games, downloads and printables. Parents can show children how to play interactive Easter games, solve picture puzzles with church windows showing the Easter story, take up Christian vocabulary word find challenges, read short Easter poems and stories as well as download and print Easter coloring pages. These can be found on websites such as the Bible Kids Fun Zone, Billybear4kids.com, Apples4theTeacher.com and the Childrenschapel.org websites.

Teach children the true meaning of Easter before and during the celebration of Resurrection Sunday. Parents can involve kids in religious Easter activities by telling them the real story of Easter, reading religious Easter books for kids, making Christian crafts and taking part in religious online activities for kids.

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