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Remember Beauty Before Age: Halloween Memories of a 8 Year Old

Published by Chris Baymon

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Halloween was always special for a young girl growing up in a small rural neighborhood. Our neighborhood was densely populated with people we seen around either at the community center and church. When you are a really skinny girl that’s teased all of the time for her glasses, freckles and tomboyish charm. That little girl wants to look pretty on Halloween.

There was one article of clothing that I loved that belonged to my mother. It was a blue shawl with paisley embroidery and fringe on it. I had planned to be an Asian princess with the shawl, but something stopped me. It was my older sister. She was in her teens when my brother and I were growing up. He’s one year older than me, so we were pretty close. I had been that princess the previous year before, so she wanted to try something different on me.

My mother had a volation of makeup, and she had it in every color shade and style. It was matte, shiny and very very odd as my mother is quite eccentric. My older sister took a black kohl pencil and put age spots all over my face. Not only was I marked up with age spots, she also defined wrinkles on my face which looked like an old krone. To top it off, this one had stuffed my rump with a pillow. This made getting out of the door very difficult to do.

Every neighbor still said I was a little darling regardless of how ugly I felt. I felt like such a ugly old girl regardless of how everyone told me how cute I was. There was laughter, pats on the back, hugs and kind words regardless of their disasterous looks. I also came home with a huge pumpkin full of candy.

I learned something very important from that experience of making weird halloween attire. If I ever have children, I won’t show my incompetence by creating a rotten look that makes a female feel unloveable and unpretty. Females can do that to one another. I learned something very important about that Halloween though. Community was the strongest thing I had going for me, and I think they are still wonderful eventhough I am as quiet as a church mouse.
They gave me a quiet confidence that made me feel secure and important.



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