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Rent a Hearse for a Halloween Night Out on the Town

Published by Justin Ewert

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Forget candy corn, cobwebs and scary dolls. Halloween is for the macabre. And there is nothing more macabre than riding around town in a vehicle intended to carry the dead. Want to really spice things up this Halloween? Then spend your Halloween in style, by renting a hearse. Hearses aren’t just for transporting the deceased. Nowadays, hearse rental companies pimp out their stylish hearses for all sorts of fun events. Spend Halloween Day driving the coolest ride in town. Take your hearse on all of your errands, from grocery shopping to picking up your kids from school. Forget dress up. This Halloween, be the cool kid. Arrive at your high school in a hearse. Surprise your friends by picking them up in a hearse. Tote your friends around town or down to your local Haunted House in a classy, stylish hearse. Are you hosting a Haunted House or other Halloween event? Hearses also make excellent Halloween props. Park it just outside your event to add to the Halloween theme.

Where Can I Find a Hearse?

When it comes to hearse rentals, you can’t just pop down to your local Enterprise.


Craigslist is a great place to start. You can find hearse owners willing to rent out their hearses for events or just as props for some cool Halloween pictures. Some owners may require that they chauffeur.

Local Funeral Home

Most funeral homes do rent out their hearses, however, rarely are these for Halloween events. While it is doubtful that a funeral home will allow you to personalize a hearse so that you can party, they may allow you to rent it out for a few hours. Contact your local funeral home for more information.


Just because you didn’t find it on Craigslist, doesn’t mean you won’t find it in the classifieds. Both online and off, classifieds are a great place to search for hearse rentals.

National Websites

For those of you who live in the below areas, check out these hearse rental websites.

Graverides.com is located in the Hollywood area and offers private, chauffeured hearse rentals.

Kimskrypt.com, located in Dundalk, Maryland, rents their 1968 Black Crown Superior Hearse, equipped with drinks, snacks and a costumed Kim, with severed head (completely optional).

BJwinslow.com, located in Southern California, offers their Black Cadillac Victoria hearse for rent.

Partyhearse.com, located in New Orleans, offers a number of hearse rental packages.

Hauntyourhome.com is located in Portland, Oregon. This Halloween rent ‘Digger’, their 1979 Cadillac Deville Hearse.

When it comes to personalizing your hearse, ask in advance.

How much will it cost?

Expect to pay at least $200 to rent a hearse depending on where you live. For an all day Halloween event, expect to pay about $400. Add to that the cost of gas and you are looking at a pretty pricey endeavor. Of course, Halloween only comes once a year.



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