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Reviewing Twelve Men of Christmas on Lifetime: Christmas Comedy Stars Kristin Chenoweth

Published by Fern Lahmann

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If you thought you knew where your life was going, but it took an unexpected turn for the worse, would you be ready? What would you do if you lost your fiancé and your job just before the holidays? Would you leave the city you love and move away to a rural community in which you doubt you would want to live?

E.J. Baxter (Kristin Chenoweth) is about to find out how she will answer, as these questions are posed in her previously together life.

The Plot of Twelve Men of Christmas

Kristin Chenoweth plays a high powered business woman, E.J. Baxter, who learns at a Christmas party that her fiancé is cheating on her with their crocodile boss. E.J. reacts by calmly destroying her battleaxe boss’ expensive shoes, causing her boss to fire her and blacklist her name on the job market.

In desperation and at the encouragement of her sister, Roz (Erin Dilly), E.J. reluctantly moves from New York City in order to accept a job offer in Montana.


When E.J. arrives in small town Montana, she remains initially unimpressed, but as she gets to know the town and its residents, she begins to appreciate the value of the area.

Verious complications and comic moments follow, as the story becomes a mixture of Pride and Prejudice and Calendar “Boys.”

Kristin Chenoweth and Twelve Men of Christmas

Kristin Chenoweth plays the character of E.J. Baxter in Chenoweth’s usual endearing way, and she succeeds in playing her character comically and seriously. Chenoweth achieves gaining audience interest for the story, and her performance assists in distinguishing the Lifetime movie from some of the other seasonal specials being shown on television this year.

The supporting cast of Twelve Men of Christmas also contribute in allowing the show to be largely entertaining, and many of the cast members portray their characters realistically and naturally, allowing the show to have a comfortably homey mood to it.

The Filming and Scenery of Twelve Men of Christmas

This show is filmed attractively, showing beautiful scenery, especially of the areas of Montana.

Critiquing Twelve Men of Christmas

Twelve Men of Christmas is an enjoyably cute and sweet show, and it can be relaxing viewing for two hours of evening entertainment.

Unfortunately, following a “throw you in at the deep end” opening, it does take a noticeably longer time for a lot of the story to begin to unfold, and the audience may begin to wonder where the plot is going to go.

Nonetheless, if a viewer is looking for some light entertainment, this show is more pleasant than many other options on offer.

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