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Rob Zombie’s Halloween: A Reminder of the Challenges Facing Kids

Published by Rubin Schrager

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Viewers should be enlightened, instead of horrified, after watching Halloween by Rob Zombie. Michael Meyers began as a neglected child, but did not have to end up a psychopath.

As a child, I remember watching Halloween movies and wondering why a crazy man, with his face covered, would just kill people for no reason. What would motivate any human to just kill, watch the victim die and move on to another victim? I would dare not say that Michael Meyers’ actions were justified; however, I will say that I now understand the anger behind his actions.

There have been many cases of youth, mostly boys or young men, who have been abused, lived in violent homes, been bullied, been neglected, been labeled as a homosexual or simply harassed by peers, family or others. This was also the case for Michael Meyers.

The movie begins with a six-year old Michael, a regular kid who simply needed guidance and a father figure, isolating himself in his bedroom and finding friendship in pet rats on Halloween day. This idea is similar to another Michael, Jackson, who also found friendship in a pet rat, lived in a violent home and grew into adulthood to be considered a “psycho” by the public. The difference between the Michael’s is that Meyers eventually killed his pets and was interested in watching them die.

When Michael is fetched for breakfast by his promiscuous sister, Judith, he goes downstairs to his mother’s boyfriend, Ronnie, who taunts and teases him, about being a homosexual, ugly and the sound of his voice.

Later that day, Michael is taunted by a bully at school in the bathroom. Afterwards, his mother is called to the school after findings of dead animals, in plastic bags and in pictures, in Michael’s locker. Raging with anger, Michael runs out of the school, seeing the bully from the bathroom. Following the bully home through a path in the woods, Michael kills the bully unmercifully and watches him die.

Following all of these events in the same day, Michael goes home, as his mother goes out to work as a stripper. Ronnie continues to tease and taunt him about his clown mask, which he wear because he thinks it hides his “ugliness”, while Michael watches a horror movie on the television. Counting on Judith to take him trick-or-treating, she rejects him in order to have a sexual rendezvous with her boyfriend. Angry and disappointed, Michael goes trick-or-treating alone and goes home to sit in the kitchen, eating candy in silence, pondering all of the bad the events that happened to him, but he did not deserve. In an attempt to gain revenge, Michael kills Judith’s boyfriend, Judith, and Ronnie, watching them all die, just as he did his pet rats. Michael was on a rampage to kill his family and only left behind his baby sister, who he called “Boo”, and his mother, who supported and loved him dearly.

Michael reminds me of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who were victims of bullying, killing victims at Columbine High School. Michael reminds me of Cho Seung-Hui, who was isolated from various cliques, killing victims at Virginia Tech.

Halloween reminded me that bullying, violence in the home and neglect has to end if we want our children to be sane. People are not born mentally ill, but it is the events that occur in their lives that cause them to become dark and sadistic in thought and violently revengeful.



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