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Rockabilly Hair Accessory Ideas

Published by Selina Gugliotti

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Rockabilly Hair Accessories

Whether you regularly dress in 1950s inspired party dresses and hang out at retro bars or simply want to dress up as a vintage-style pinup for a Halloween party, having the perfect hair accessories will pull together your Rockabilly outfit. Hair accessories can dress up even the most boring hairstyles and make your hair coordinate with your clothing. Even on a tight budget, there a wide variety of different Rockabilly hair accessories that can serve as the finishing touch for your victory curls, finger waves or even a messy bun. Here is a list of different Rockabilly hair accessory ideas for any hair length and style.


Bandannas are a staple hair accessory for any Rockabilly gal. Typically, bandannas are folded widely and knotted on top of the head. You can purchase bandannas in almost any color very inexpensively at most retailers, including Walmart and Hobby Lobby. Stock up on bandannas for days you want to wear your hair in a messy bun, piled high in a beehive, or worn low in a side ponytail.

Hair Flowers

Hair flowers were all the rage in the 1950s, and no Rockabilly hairstyle is complete without a decorative flower or two. Large, solid colored flowers are one choice to consider, as are more wild styles such as fabric flowers in animal prints or flowers accessorized with jewels or feathers.


Fun colored ribbons can dress up victory curls and give your hair a cute, kitchsy look. Visit your local craft store and purchase various colors and patterns of ribbon to match your outfits. Cut the ribbon to the length you want, tie the ribbon into a bow and pin one ribbon behind each victory curl.

Hair Bows

Both small and large hair bows in fun colors and patterns can dress up any hair style, whether you are wearing your pulled back or down and curled in loose waves. Hair bows may be either attached to a head band or sewn onto a barrette, depending on your preference. These fun hair accessories will give your hair an adorable, sweet look that is very retro and Rockabilly inspired.

Ornamental Barrettes

Ornamental barrettes with Rockabilly inspired images on them can be used to pull hair away from your face or simply dress up your locks. Online retailers specializing in Rockabilly clothing and accessories carry a wide variety of different 1950s inspired ornamental barrettes featuring everything from anchors to swallows to nautical stars.


Silk scarves were all the rage in the 1950s, and these classy hair accessories can still be used to add glamour to styled hair or cover up a bad hair day. Tie the scarf around the top of your head and tie it in a knot beneath your hair for a classy, elegant look, or wrap your hair into the scarf to keep it hidden. Scarves are particularly great for windy days or driving in convertibles, as it will keep your hair from becoming wind-blown.

Ornamental Hairties

Hairties that feature Rockabilly inspired images such as cherries or dice can be used to dress up a simple ponytail or pigtails. Like ornamental barrettes, many online Rockabilly retailers carry ornamental hairties within any price range. Sometimes you can even find fun ornamental hairties at chain retailers such as Target. Just look in the accessory aisle for little girls.



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