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Safety Tips for Halloween: Trick or Treating 2016

Published by Tona Bernstrom

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Tips Adults and Children Should Know

Halloween is a time to have fun, wear scary costumes, and have candies and sweets! Halloween is when all the houses on the block are decorated with spider webs, jack lanterns, and lights! One of the best parts of Halloween is Trick or Treating for some yummy candies and goodies, but it is also important that everyone is safe on Halloween especially children who are going out. So here are some Safety Tips to remember when going Trick or Treating!
Safety Tips for the Adults and Kids to know about Trick or Treating

Having a Chaperon or an Adult with children Trick or Treating 

This is an important Tip especially for young children who are considering going alone. Never let a child go alone Trick or Treating it may be highly unsafe and plus it’s not as much fun if the kids are by themselves. If your child doesn’t want any parents to come you can always have an older sibling or friend goes with them.

Being in a Big Group is better 

Children as well as adults can benefit going in a big group trick or treating. This way the kids will have friends to go with, and the adults also will have company. Plus it is a lot easier for a group of adults to manage a group of children then just one adult alone. Remember there is always more safety in numbers!

Have A Safety Kit with you while Trick or Treating

This is a very good tip especially for the adults who are accompanying the children! This safety kit can be carried in a trick or treat bag or basket and can include such thinks like a portable first aid kit that band aids just in case. The safety kit can also include things like a flash light (especially for the darker areas), a cell phone, and whatever else is appropriate.

Try to Avoid Houses with their Lights Off 

There are some houses of course during Halloween having all their decorations out and dimmer lights on which are very festive for the season. On the other hand some houses that have no decorations, and have all lights off may be houses that should be avoided. During Halloween when lights are off at a house usually means that no one is home, that the residence isn’t participating in Halloween, or if it were my house having run out of candy. It also may be a better thing to avoid dark houses or apartments for safety purposes as well. It is better to trick or treat at a house that is well lit up.

Try to not eat any candy or goodies until they are check 

This is one of the golden tips of trick or treating. This tip is not only good for the kids but also for the adults who eat candies. It is always better to inspect anything that you or your children are going to consume. When checking the candies you want to make sure they all looked completely wrapped and not open.

Have Fun! 

The most important tip is to have fun!

If you follow these tips everyone should have a fun and safe Halloween trick or treating!



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