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Safety Tips for Halloween

Published by Kira Bloom

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Halloween is a time for children and adults to turn into ghouls and goblins. You should follow these tips to have a howling good time and stay safe. As always…BEWARE! Surprises lurk around every corner.

  • If the child or children are under 12, an adult should always accompany them, to ensure safety.
  • Map out a safe route and stay in areas that are well known to the adult in charge.
  • Do not ever enter a house of someone unfamiliar, and only approach houses that have lights on.
  • Remind children to watch for traffic and always look both ways before crossing roads, an increasing number of people are driving on this night, so be extra cautious.
  • Make certain the costume is flame-retardant, and layer warm clothing underneath their costume, to help them stay warm on this cool night. Purchase reflective tape and adhere to both the front and back of the costume to increase their visibility to drivers. Masks should have eye holes large enough that the child can see easily and also be ventilated enough to allow proper air.
  • Carry flashlights for easier visibility, it is also a great idea to buy glow sticks and attach to the child’s buckets. Another popular option to glow sticks is the glow necklaces and bracelets. A child loves these and helps drivers to see them better in the dark.
  • Do not allow children to run. Most accidents occur because a child is running to the next house, trips, falls and gets hurt. Continue expressing the idea that they should be walking instead of running.
  • Never allow children to indulge in their bucket of goodies before it is properly checked by an adult, upon returning home. Inspect the candy, if it appears to be tampered with, don’t chance the child’s life, dispose of it properly into a wastebasket.

These tips will help to ensure that everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. Remember these tricks and go get some treats. Happy Halloween!!!



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