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San Diego Indie Music Fest V: Bringing Independent Musicians to Center Stage in North Park

Published by Salvador Fugueroa

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Born out of the efforts of two gifted musicians with strong convictions – Alicia Champion and Danielle LoPresti – this festival has quickly become a much-anticipated annual event. Champion and LoPresti, both of whom founded their own independent record labels, have used their influence to create a wider fan base for independent music and to assist musicians who choose to distance themselves from commercial record labels.

In keeping with these goals, the two women created The San Diego Indie Music Festival as a celebration that empowers indie musicians, photographers, artists, and filmmakers alike.

When and Where “IndieFest V” Will Take Place

“IndieFest V,” as this year’s event has been dubbed, will take place on March 28, 2019 in the vibrant community of North Park. This neighborhood, which is home to a wide array of independently owned shops and galleries, provides the perfect staging area for a celebration of artisanship, creativity, and cooperation.

The festival begins at 11 a.m. that day and will continue until 2 a.m. the following morning. It will be hosted in a variety of venues on (or close to) University Avenue, between 29th and Granada Streets. Each venue will highlight a different genre or theme and will showcase different artists. Most festival-goers will trek back-and-forth between the venues, so comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Artists, Music, and Stages of IndieFest V

Due to the broad spectrum of artistic genres and modalities that the festival embraces, this event certainly is not lacking in variety. In fact, the festival includes elements as diverse as music, spoken word, film, photography, and dance. There will also be arts and crafts of other types and plenty of food to go around.

Without doubt, though, the main attraction is the music. With an impressive history that has boasted performances by the likes of Jonatha Brooke, The Weepies, Beth Hart, and Michelle Shocked, it’s clear that IndieFest attracts not only up-and-coming talent, but also artists who are well-established and seasoned in their craft.

This year, some of the featured musicians will include the highly-acclaimed San Diego-based acts Veronica May & the To-Do List, MC Flow, and Big Toe; Big Toe, which deserves special recognition among the bands, is fronted by a musician named Mark Goffeney who plays the guitar with his feet. In addition to these acts, the festival will also feature performances by Kimberly Dark, Eric Himan, and Juliette & The New Romantiques.

All total, the festival will feature roughly 85 artists on a number of different stages. Each stage is sponsored by a local business, radio station, or community organization, and the festival’s website provides a complete line-up of the performers that will appear in each venue.

Tickets and Parking Information

Tickets are available online or for purchase at the event (day-of purchases can be made at the corner of University Ave. and 29th Street). Aside from a limited number of specialty tickets, which can cost a pretty penny, all tickets are general admission. The cost is $23 for adults or $20 for students, seniors, and active military members. Children under the age of eight are admitted free of charge.

All ages are welcome and, upon purchase, each person will be given a wristband that grants access to the entire festival. That also means, however, that there is no reserve seating for a particular band and, for security reasons, festival staff do reserve the right to restrict access to a stage once its audience size reaches capacity.

In terms of parking for the event, some space will be available in the 5 Star Parking structure at North Park Way & 29th Street. Street parking is also available, but will likely result in attendees having to walk several blocks to reach the festival.

Regardless of parking, though, the festival is certainly worth the trip! Bringing a heightened awareness of independent artistic achievement to the community of San Diego, as well as taking on the monumental task of moving people “out of apathy and into action,” this is one event indie fans don’t want to miss!

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