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Save Money on Easter Candy this Spring: Buy Chocolate Eggs for Less and Have a Big Hunt on April 4th

Whether milk chocolate, dark chocolate or cream filled eggs are filling Easter baskets this year, families can save money and still treat their kids (and adult kids!) to delectable treats! All it takes is a little planning ahead and some watchful eyes (for sales!)

How to Save Money on Easter Candy:

Shop at warehouse clubs. That is certainly a no-brainer. Buy in bulk of course. But some parents are worried they will buy more than their little ones can eat. No problem! Depending on the type of candy, many will keep for a long time in a dark cool pantry and even longer in the freezer. Just be sure to check the expiration date on the package.

Also, be creative with candy choices. Who says every single piece of candy has to have an Easter theme? Fill plastic eggs with plain old Hersheys kisses and other small wrapped candies and then save them for Halloween!

Make some Homemade Treats:

Find a recipe for a special Easter cake…one shaped like an egg or bunny will be a surprise for most kids and fun for them to help bake. Also homemade fudge or brownies wrapped in festive Easter paper will make for a brand new Easter tradition.

Look for Sales at the Supermarket:

It’s not too early to stock up on all kinds of sweets. In fact, now may be the best time to buy. The stores have a better selection, and many offer early bird sales. So visit supermarket web sites before heading out, and check on sales or coupons. Again, candy that is not decorated for Easter might be less expensive. So check the regular candy aisle in the grocery store instead of the special section in the front of the store that merchants use to display their Easter candy. Who needs to pay more for the same candy that just happens to be wrapped in pink and blue or shaped like a bunny? Candy is candy. Kids will appreciate it no matter how the sweets are wrapped.

Finally, why not make this year’s Easter egg hunt low key? Who needs to be filling up basket after basket with candy? Instead, spend some of the money on a special family adventure, say to the park for an Easter picnic or even a movie with no candy at all! Make this holiday one that celebrates family togetherness instead of it being just another sugar-laden event.

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