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Save Money on Halloween Candy

Published by Chris Baymon

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Don’t spend too much money on Halloween candy this year. Manage your spending and shave off a few dollars by shopping with purpose. Do:

  1. Make a budget.
    How much do you want to spend on Halloween candy this year? 30 dollars? 50 dollars? Make a budget. Determine in advance how much you want to pay and then go shopping with that number in mind.
  2. Buy candy in bulk.
    Save money on your Halloween candy by buying in bulk. Get bags of 20 pieces or more. Avoid picking up single items. You’ll get more of your money’s worth on a big bag for $5 than a two for one deal on a couple of chocolate bars.
  3. Use online coupons.
    Before you start purchasing candy, visit the online store to where you’re going or Coupons.com. Both will offer you a variety of coupons you can use to reduce the cost of your candy. Get started by typing in the name of the brand or kind of candy you want to buy in the search box and press enter.
  4. Shop at discount stores.
    For obvious reasons, you can save money on Halloween candy at discount stores. Places like Target, Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store sell bulk bags of candy for low prices. They get their merchandise at a discount because of special deals with the manufacturer or slight damage. Be sure to visit the discount store nearest to you early in order to get prime pick of their selection.
  5. Watch for special sales.
    Around Halloween, many grocery stores have special sales to attract customers. Watch for them in the local paper, on the Internet and on TV. You may have to patronize them on a special day, but your effort will be rewarded with big savings.
  6. Purchase variety packs.
    Bags of candy that mix expensive candy bars with cheap hard (and soft) candy often give you the best deal. Save money on Halloween candy by choosing them. You not only get a discounted price, but you also have the type of mix most trick-or-treaters enjoy.
  7. Go for mini candy bars.
    Choose bags of mini candy bars over packs with full size ones. Mini candy bars satisfy the taste buds of children and also save you money too. You can also get most bags at a two for one price that won’t do damage to your pocket book.

These 7 suggestions will help you save money on Halloween candy. Use them and satisfy your neighbor’s sweet tooth just as you protect your budget.



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