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Save Money on Thanksgiving Desserts: Top off Thanksgiving Dinner with Sweet Treats for Less

Published by Vincenzo Teslow

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Hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? Getting the turkey prepared is easy, but thinking of an original yet inexpensive dessert is the real challenge. Think beyond pumpkin pie to some sweet treats that are as delicious as they are inexpensive.

How to Save Money on Thanksgiving Desserts:

Instead of pumpkin pie, why not bake a cranberry dessert? These berries are plentiful, inexpensive and loaded with antioxidants. Or if baking doesn’t appeal this year, think about buying a frozen dessert at a warehouse club and saving it for the big day. Consumers who shop early often find pastries there that look like they come from a fancy bakery! Also pay attention to grocery store sales. They often offer sales on frozen pumpkin and pecan pies in October. But once November arrives, forget it! Consumers will pay top dollar for ready-made pies. So by shopping early, dessert becomes one less thing Thanksgiving hosts and hostesses have to worry about.

Search for Coupons before Going to the Supermarket:

Peruse the Sunday paper and do an internet search for pie mixes and ingredients before heading to the grocery store. And don’t forget about farmers’ markets for fresh, inexpensive ingredients directly from the fields!

Ask Guests to Bring Dessert:

Why should all the burden be on one person? Especially in this economy, potluck Thanksgiving dinners are all the rage. In fact, why not ask everyone to bring a small sample of their favorite sweets, and then award a prize for the best dessert. Who knows what kind of original treats guests will bring! One can even get the kids involved by allowing them to make a pie from a mix. Ready-made pumpkin pie mix in a can tastes a lot like made-from-scratch. Throw it in a ready-made pie crust, and dessert is served!

Look for Free Unusual Dessert Recipes on the Internet:

The Food Network has lots of free recipe ideas including pumpkin truffle and pumpkin bars. And for those really ambitious chefs, they offer a pumpkin cheese cake and sweet potato pie recipes. And Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be all about pumpkins. Why not try a coconut cream pie for dessert? After all, does it really matter what kind of food is served? And isn’t the idea to give thanks surrounded by family and friends? As long as the company is good and the host doesn’t over-spend for Turkey Day, preparing a big meal will be something to look forward to again next year!

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