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Scary and Fun Halloween Games for the Whole Family

Published by Kristen Andras

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Nearly all children love Halloween and all the things that go with it. Adults usually assume this is because it has a direct correlation with sweets and chocolate, as children generally like these. Therefore, scary Halloween games can be just as silly and fun. All the kids will love it.

First and foremost, the brain game. I’m sure you’ve come across the fun game in stores where you pull out items from a rubber brain and try to guess what they are. It’s easy to create this at home. Make a large bowl of jello, scoop the center out and fill it with all sort of gummy like candies, small plastic figurines and other items.

Also, children love to play the spaghetti game. Due to this being very messy they should probably wear old clothes, or some kind of overalls. To start, make a large bowl of spaghetti and add some food coloring to give a more scary Halloween effect. Follow this by throwing in several fun items. Plastic spiders, gummy worms, or any other thing that may feel strange to the touch will do. Have the children feel the items in the bowl while trying to guess what they are. Then when you’re done, make them list as many of the items as they can remember. The one with the most gets a prize.

Another similar, but great game is to take a medium sized cardboard box and paint it black. Cut out a small hole in the top, one that’s just big enough for a child to fit their hand through, and fill the box with an assortment of items. Ideally they should be related to Halloween. Small pumpkins, rubber snakes and spiders are always good ones. Have the kids guess what items are in the box. The one to guess the most wins the contents.

Children often enjoy creating weird and wonderful fictional stories. Because of this, Halloween is the ideal time to let their imaginations run wild. Have them all sit down in a circle and let them take turns telling stories about scary monsters. Give them themes to follow such as witches, zombies and brains. Don’t forget to add a little drama by turning off the lights and using torches to light up the room.

Kids also love to play word games when they relate to a holiday. Have them write down ones to do with Halloween, in particular as many scary words as they can. Or alternatively you could give them a series of words and have them rearrange them to make sentences. Give them a time limit and reward the kid who comes up with the most words in the least amount of time.



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