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Scary Ideas to Entertain You This Halloween

Published by Denis Ciaccio

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Looking for something different you can do this Halloween? Why not come up with unique activities that will help you enjoy the festival of ghosts, ghouls and spirits even more? No matter which way you take, whatever you do this year, amidst the glowing pumpkins and black cats haunting the streets, make sure it maintains the good spirits of the festival.

Hold a séance: Holding a séance can be a scary experience. It can be quite interesting for people who like to explore mysteries and enjoy spine-chilling experiences. Every individual has an urge to connect to a ghost once during his or her life. Create the right mood, have the right ingredients and choose the right people. Make sure that there is a minimum of 3 attendees and not more than 12 attendees. Just be sure to be ready for anything.

Costume Party: To make this contest unique, host events such as the scariest, ugliest and most unique costumes. You can add your own innovations when you invite your friends. You can also judge the contest to make it more attractive. Allow props such as fake chainsaw, weapons etc. to make the party a lot more fun.

Halloween Maze: You can set a maze and place a trophy/prize at the end of the maze. You can even add corn like effects by adding scary things at each dead end to make the whole theme look scary. To ensure equal participation, make sure that you have prizes for everyone. To add more fun, include some time limit, and you can spice up things by following this activity in a pitch-dark environment.

Haunted House: You can set up your own haunted house. Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to decorating your own haunted house. Set up a spooky environment to spice up your event. If your house is near a cemetery or a forest, things can go beyond the unimaginable.

Murder House: Set up a murder mystery by creating a scene. Make groups of participants and give them clues to solve the case. You can make numerous themes such as Gangster, Hollywood etc.

Scary Story Session: Hold up a scary story session with your friends. Tell them stories, which are really gruesome and scary. This is a great idea if followed by some events that seem to make the story come true.

Make sure not to overdo stuff. Keep things simple and do not spend time by complicating them. A 4-5 hour event is sufficient. Have you decided what scary things you’ll do this Halloween?

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