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Searching for Christmas Gifts with a Personal Touch?

Published by Bette Wung

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Searching for Christmas gifts with a personal touch? Christmas shopping can become a real burden. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the crowds and the glaring fluorescent light of shopping malls at this time of year.

Here are some simple ideas to put your own unique stamp on the festive season.

Make a List

It may seem obvious, but begin by writing a list of exactly who it is you need a gift for. Then picture that particular person in your head. Be clear about their taste, the sort of gift they would really appreciate and imagine them opening the gift you’ve chosen.


People Who are Hard to Buy For

Certain people can be very difficult to buy for, in which case, food is always a good option. As you do your regular grocery shopping, it is easy to pick up a few extra items each week. Look for chocolates in novel packaging, a beautiful bottle of olive oil or balsamic vinegar, any item that someone is not likely to buy for themselves except on a special occasion. When you have enough “goodies”, find plain brown bags with handles to put them in and tie with a beautiful festive ribbon. Plain brown string or ribbon tied with an embellishment looks stunning and very personal. You could use a pretty shell, some fresh lavender stems, a flower or ornate leaf from your garden.

If you’re giving a bottle of wine or spirits, wrap it in tissue or brown paper and put a homemade or wooden Christmas decoration over the neck. Children love to make decorations and could be given this task to truly personalize your gifts.

Gifts for Teachers

For teachers, if you have the time, it is easy to make a large batch of cookies, festive slice such as White Christmas, brownies or shortbread and put them on a decorative plate. Plates are inexpensive and it is easy to find one with a nice glaze or motif. The plate makes a lovely keepsake present once the cookies are eaten.

Themed Gifts

Decide on a theme and stick to it. If you come across an ideal gift for someone, think about who else may like it. Can you times the gift by three?

Buying Unique Gifts Online

The internet provides an opportunity to avoid the huge crowds. Many stores offer free or reduced delivery costs if you order a certain amount of merchandise online. Searching by age range for children can be very helpful and spark good ideas for gifts. Be specific about their gender, age and interests.

Great Gifts for Children

Children love tactile items. A beautiful shell, some pretty wishing stones, or a plant can provide them with as much pleasure as any toy.

The gift of a certain experience is also really novel for kids. Instead of an object, what about a trip to Chinatown for Yum Cha? Make your own special voucher and insert it into a card, entitling them to your undivided attention for two hours while you eat Yum Cha together. Other ideas could be: a river boat trip, a show or a movie, a trip to visit Christmas window displays.

Unique Gifts for Adults

Apply the same idea to adults. Take your Mum to a special “high tea”. Take your Dad on a fishing charter. Go rock-climbing with your best friend. Experiences are fondly remembered and make a very unique gift.

Christmas is not just about material generosity, but generosity of spirit. Nothing displays this better than personalizing your gifts with your own unique stamp. The thought and care you have put in to thinking about that person shines through in the small things like presentation.

You’ll have fun yourself and be richly rewarded with appreciation.

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