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Seven Ideas to Decorate a Christmas Tree: Tips and Themes for Dressing Up a Xmas Trees

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It’s hard to go wrong with a Christmas tree. It will look beautiful as soon as decorations, tinsel and lights are put on to decorate it. But instead of running wild with just any ornaments, why not dress up the Christmas tree according to a special theme or something that reflects your home style, taste and personality? Here are some Christmas tree ideas to try out.

The Classic Christmas Tree

This theme is timeless and can be used over and over again. The basic rules are pretty straightforward – classic red and gold decorations against the green on the tree. Hang up red and gold baubles of different sizes. Go wild with gold tinsels all over the tree. For a more stunning effect, try using Christmas wraps with the same color themes for the presents at the bottom of the tree.

The Family Christmas Tree

Christmas is also a time for family members to spend time together. Why not project the spirit of reunion and togetherness by putting up a family Christmas tree? The ornaments can be small photos depicting a special moment of each family member’s life, personal notes, favorite toys and old Christmas cards. Visitors will be wowed by such a unique tree.

The Modern Christmas Tree

Those who live in stylish, modern abodes may want to showcase a Christmas tree with a contemporary touch. Instead of a green tree, get a white tree. Then spice it up with fun and bold colors. Hot pink, lemon yellow, apple green, orange and sky blue baubles will stand out against the white tree! Tinsel may look a bit out of place here. But silver beads will just be the things to jazz it all up!

The Baby Christmas Tree

This is perfect if there are little ones celebrating Christmas for the first time in the family. Baby pictures, baby booties and socks, little stuffed toys, sweet angels, pacifiers and miniature milk bottles can all make the tree baby-oriented. Another great way to display a baby-themed Christmas tree is by getting a small blue or pink Christmas tree.

The White Christmas Tree

Those dreaming of a white Christmas but can’t have it – such as folks living in the Southern hemisphere – can put up a white Christmas tree instead. For such trees, less is more. Go easy on ornaments, especially bigger ones. Smaller decorations with a touch of gold and silver will be perfect. For a striking effect, put the tree against a colored feature wall. Your guests will gasp in awe when they have the first look at it!

The Chic Christmas Tree

The modern urban young woman may want a Christmas tree that reflects her contemporary style and funky mood. Deck out the Christmas tree with mini stilettos, lipsticks, perfume bottles, handbags, sunglasses, mobile phones and costume jewelry. The result? A Sex In The City-inspired Christmas tree! Carrie and friends will be proud!

The Sporty Christmas Tree

There is one theme for the girls. So it’s only fair to include one for the guys as well. And since sports are big part of most guys’ lives, a sports-themed Christmas tree is just right for them. Mini baseball bats, tennis rackets, golf clubs, hockey sticks, football, basketball, sports cars and jerseys on the tree will definitely give it a sporty look!

There are so many different ways to decorate a Christmas tree. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a theme for it. But no matter what theme you choose, one thing is for sure. The Christmas tree will be a sight to behold as long as you decorate it with care and patience.

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