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Simple Thanksgiving Crafts to Decorate the Holiday Dinner Table

Published by Florentino Breiter

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Thanksgiving is one of the few times a year that families travel from all over the globe to celebrate the holiday with each other. This is one family event that is all about the food! With the vast amount of planning and cooking involved in the huge meal, small children do not have many options for contributing to Thanksgiving.

With these easy and cheap Thanksgiving craft projects, children of all ages can participate in the holiday preparations by creating beautiful, festive Thanksgiving decorations to turn the normal dinner table into a work of art.

Napkin Holder Thanksgiving Craft Project

This craft project is great for smaller kids and can jazz up those boring napkins.

Craft Supplies

  • fall colored construction paper
  • Thanksgiving themed stickers
  • safety scissors
  • washable markers

Craft Directions

  1. Cut the construction paper into four inch strips. For smaller children, parents may want to cut the strips.
  2. Allow each child to decorate the strips with Thanksgiving pictures. A good tip is for each child to write one thing they are thankful for this year.
  3. Wrap the strip of paper securely around the napkin and overlap the ends. Use a Thanksgiving sticker to hold the napkin holder in place. Paper napkins are easily rolled if cloth napkins are not available. These cute napkin holders will be hit!
  4. If the family is not using traditional folded napkins this year; there is an alternative to this Thanksgiving craft project. Fold the strips of construction paper in half and in large letters, add each guest’s name. The kids can decorate the name card with the stickers for a quick and cheap place card. For older children, the name can be created with white glue and covered in glitter.

Thanksgiving Placemat Project

This is a fun project to incorporate the beautiful fall colors into a Thanksgiving placemat.

Project Supplies

  • clear plastic place mats
  • 11×13 construction paper in fall colors
  • paint brushes
  • washable paint
  • clear, extra wide packaging tape
  • white glue
  • collection of fall leaf variations

Project Directions

  1. Collecting the leaves for this kid’s craft project is a fun activity the whole family can do together. This season is perfect for outdoor activities and fall family photos.
  2. Once the different color and sized leaves have been collected, it is time to decorate. Paint each child’s palm brown and each finger a different color. Then press firmly in the center of the paper. Then use the brushes to turn their hand into a turkey.
  3. Glue the leaves around the turkey. Let the sheet sit until it is completely dry.
  4. Each child can write one thing they are thankful for this year onto the sheet. Parents can help the smaller children with this.
  5. Place the paper on the back of the plastic place mat so that the picture is seen from the front. Use the packaging tape around the edges to seal the two together. This Thanksgiving craft can be used year after year.

Turkey Centerpiece for the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

This is an adorable Thanksgiving craft to brighten every table this holiday!

Craft Supplies

  • empty bath tissue roll, cut in half
  • brown, orange, yellow and red cardstock sheets
  • white glue
  • safety scissors
  • pencil
  • templates (available below)

Directions for the Thanksgiving Kids Craft

  1. Trace the circle ends of the tube on brown cardstock. Cut out the shape larger than the traced circle by cutting a half inch outside the lines. Place each circle onto the open ends of the tube and fold up. Glue the edges in place.
  2. Using the sheets of red, yellow and orange card stock, trace each little hand and cut it out. Each turkey should be made of at least nine cut out hands.
  3. Using this free template for a turkey’s head and feet, trace the feet onto a orange sheet of cardstock and cut out. To make this simpler the templates can be printed directly to the card stock and cut out. The bathroom tissue roll should lie flat. Glue the feet in the center of the tube.
  4. Now it is time to attach the feathers. Layer the hands onto the back of the tube and glue in place. To create the traditional turkey tail for this children’s craft, color coordinate the hands into layers and build up. For example, create a layer of two red hands. Then, moving up about a half of an inch, create a layer with three yellow hands. Continue building up the feathers by shifting up a half inch each time and adding an additional hand. The top layer should be four hands for a small turkey. For a larger turkey, the top layer should end with six hands.
  5. Now attach the face to the front of the roll with the white glue. This sweet centerpiece can be surrounded with fall leaf collections or colorful flowers for an added touch. Acorns squash and small pumpkins also add a gorgeous touch.

These easy and cheap homemade Thanksgiving decoration projects will spruce up any dinner table. Kids will love creating these simple crafts and will gain a sense of accomplishment because they helped with the Thanksgiving celebration this year! Make creating these wonderful Thanksgiving kid crafts a family tradition for years to come!

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