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Simple Thanksgiving Decorations: Mixed Media Art Project For Kids

Published by Antonio Warrix

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Kids love to create, there is no doubt about that. Tap into some of that creativity through mixed media are projects themed around Thanksgiving. Not only do these projects serve as great decorations to feature in your home, but they are great for gift giving as well.


  • Plastic placemat or newspapers to cover work surface
  • Medium sized foam cutouts of pumpkins, turkeys or anything else Thanksgiving themed
  • Small-assorted foam cutout’s depicting Thanksgiving themes
  • Fall themed small, flat floral and leaf embellishments (sunflowers, etc.)
  • White craft glue
  • Pieces of construction paper to use as glue trays
  • Glitter glue, assorted colors
  • Black markers
  • Water and paper towels for clean up


  1. Fold the edges of the construction paper pieces to create a glue tray. Set up the rest of the work surface with all materials listed above.
  2. Embellish the front side of each pumpkin cutout using the small-assorted foam cutouts. Affix them to the surface using the white craft glue.
  3. Add fall themed floral and leave embellishments to other flat areas of the foam cutout, as well as layered over the small-assorted cutouts. You may need to press firmly and hold the pieces over the layers to ensure a strong hold. If it does not hold as securely as you would like, use a hot glue gun.
  4. Add squiggles and dots using assorted colors of glitter glue.
  5. Allow the entire piece to dry completely before adding anything more. Depending on how much white craft glue is used, this may take up to twenty-four hours.
  6. Once the piece has dried completely, flit it over and write a greeting or something you are thankful for.


  • Use a larger foam cutout of a pumpkin, draw a face on it, and embellish it using gems and craft paint in addition to the materials listed above.
  • Create the project as explained above; only leave out the last step. Affix the finished piece to the front of a folded piece of cardstock and create a greeting card.
  • Create the project as explained above; only leave out the last step. Affix the finished piece to the front of a blank gift bag.
  • Create many projects as explained above, punch holes on either side of each finished piece, and string them into a banner or large piece of garland.
  • Buy a Styrofoam craft wreath, wrap it with fall foliage garland, and affix the finished foam craft projects around the wreath.

When creating these craft projects, leave the door of creative opportunity open for the children to explore new ideas. Before you know it, they will be experimenting with other forms of media and creating a one of a kind piece you otherwise may not have imagined. Try to supply the children with as many different forms of media as possible beyond what is listed in the materials above. This way, they will not feel limited with their creations.

NOTE TO CHILDREN: if a hot glue gun is in use, it should not be operated by school aged children unless supervised by an adult.

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