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Skeleton Makeup Tips for Halloween

Published by Lucina Mezera

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So you want to be a skeleton for Halloween? Here are some tips to getting the best look.

Tips for Halloween Makeup:

1. Use makeup quickly after it comes out of the tube since it dries fast and will not blend well.
2. Once makeup is dry, any touching of it will wipe it off fairly easily so leave it alone.
3. Makeup is easy to clean up with soapy water.
4. Beware that red makeup stains and is difficult to remove from skin.
5. Remember, a little goes along way, so use just a little.

You will need:

1. skeleton costume (with hood)
2. Halloween makeup including black and white (available at your local Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, etc). The kind in the tube works best since it is creamy and easy to apply.
3. small / thin clean paint brush
4. Hair clips, headband


1. It would be best to put costume on prior to doing your makeup so the costume does not smear the skeleton makeup.
If you do not have a costume, take a black cloak / robe with a hood and wear that.
2. Pull hair back. Use a ponytail holder, clips, and/or headband to keep all hair away from face.
3. Have soapy water / handwipes close by.

Halloween Skeleton Makeup Application:

1. Outline skull on face using the paintbrush and black makeup (the thin brush should fit easily into the tube opening otherwise use a disposable plate to squeeze it on). This should be a fairly simple outline.
2. Fill in outside of outline with black makeup. Use your fingers to do this so it goes on faster.
3. Make a black circle around each eye from eyebrow to start of cheek bone and fill it in. Be carefull not to get makeup in your eye.
4. Make a black oval over nose and fill it in.
5. Take white makeup and fill in the skull outline (try not to touch the black – you can go back and use the paint brush to around the black areas).
6. Carefully outline mouth about a 1/2 inch bigger than lips with black makeup and paintbrush.
7. Carefully add fine lines with in mouth area to make teeth with black makeup and paintbrush. You can fill in an area to show a missing tooth.
8. Cover neck with black makeup if costume exposes it.
9. Wash hands and area with soapy water.

Finishing Up:

1. Put hood over head and check that your hair is hidden and that your makeup looks good. Do any touch ups if necessary.
2. Wear white or black gloves. They also sell skeleton gloves.
3. Carry makeup for any touchups.

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