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Smack ‘en Vegan Halloween Dinner Recipes

Published by Amie Morrow

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A Vegan Halloween Dinner Recipe can be fun with a little coloring. Many foods can be spiced up during Halloween when they are used with food dye. You can have a fun vegan Halloween dinner by using food dye colors like orange, black, purple, and red. Any dish can be transformed to meet your Halloween vegan meals. Have fun with this Ugly Boo Salad and Voodoo Garlic Bread. These recipes serve about 4-6 people. They are fun to make. Your little Halloween kids will love the colors too. You could even invite them to cook with you. So make this Halloween a family affair, by having friends and family help make these and other vegan dishes. Make sure you have as much fun as possible, and get messy while you cook. You could squirt a little food dye on your kids too. Happy Halloween!

Ugly Spooky Salad 


1 pack of mixed baby green, spinach, or both

½ cup of almonds

1 cup of tofu

¼ cup of soy sauce

1 tsp sage

½ tsp coriander seeds

1-2 tsp of minced garlic

1-2 tsp Italian seasoning.

2 tbsp of vegetable oil or coconut oil

Thinly sliced tortilla chips black and red

Raspberry Dressing

½ cup olives green or black


Slightly heat the coconut oil in a skillet. Then add the tofu, minced garlic, soy sauce, sage, coriander seeds, and Italian seasoning. Stir frequently. Continue cooking until the tofu looks as if it can bounce like rubber, which it almost can. Now, remove tofu from the heat. Open your pack of mixed greens, spinach, or both and place into a large salad bowl. Add the almonds and cooked tofu. Toss and serve with raspberry dressing and top with red and black thin tortilla slices and olives.

Voodoo Garlic Bread


1 loaf French bread

2 tbsp minced garlic or garlic powder

½ cup coconut oil or olive oil

Purple, black, or red food dye

Salt to taste

Slice the French bread into several ½ to 1 inch pieces diagonally. Place the slices onto a large flat pan, spreading them out. Spread minced garlic on each slice. If you run out of garlic, you can rub some of the slices together to transfer the garlic flavor. This works well. Next, drizzle some coconut oil or olive oil on to the bread. Immediately drizzle drops of black dye around each slice, and put the red dye into the middle. Take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it all over the slices.



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