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Solar Christmas Lights: An Environmentally Friendly Way to Decorate for the Holidays

Published by Shauna Gyaki

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Environmentally friendly and economically sound, solar Christmas lights are a practical alternative to traditional electric powered outdoor lights. By using the renewable energy of the sun, even the staunchest environmentalists can enjoy decorating their homes with Christmas lights.

As more manufacturers enter the retail solar Christmas light market, there are a few things the consumer should consider before making a decision on which type of lights to buy.

Always On or Twinkling Christmas Lights

Just like traditional Christmas lights, solar lights come both the twinkling and always on variety. The type of light to purchase depends on the outdoor display. Some displays require a timed on and off sequence to give the appearance of chasing lights, while others remain on constantly. If the twinkle or blinking speed is important, be aware that some solar light sets have a controller by which the consumer and can increase or decrease the speed of the light’s blinking sequence.

Solar Power Battery Requirements

The beauty of using solar Christmas lights is that consumers don’t have to worry about how it’s affecting the electric bill. They do, however have to consider whether or not they need to purchase and replace batteries to ensure proper illumination. Some solar light sets require AA batteries while others use lithium non-replaceable batteries.

Which Christmas light set to choose depends more on where the consumer lives than the convenience or inconvenience of purchasing and replacing batteries. Lights purchased and displayed in sunny areas work fine with either lithium or replaceable batteries. Lights used in less sunny places, such as Northeastern US areas where winter and snow can interfere with fully recharging the lithium battery, may find that solar lights with replaceable AA batteries are a better option.

Christmas Lights Illumination Time

Estimated illumination time varies from light strand to light strand. Some lights advertise 8 hours of illumination while others boast 12 hours. Since the solar lights are triggered by the presence and disappearance of the sun, the illumination time will vary depending on the area of the country in which the lights are being displayed.

Keep in mind that the more sun the lights receive during the day affects the illumination time and strength at which they will shine during the night. If the solar lights do not get to fully charge during the day, it will be difficult for them remain on for the full 8 to 12 hours as reported by the Christmas light manufacturer.

Compare Christmas Light Pricing

Currently, the initial purchase of a set of solar Christmas lights may cost more than their traditional counterpart. However, in the long run, they conserve energy and save money. Additionally, solar lights removes the creative constraints of having to design outdoor Christmas displays around electrical outlets and extension cords.

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