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Some Ideas for Decorating Your Christmas Tree Within Your Budget

Published by Keisha Storrer

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Many unique and creative decorating ideas for a Christmas tree are the ones which are actually the cheapest. You should not feel that process of decorating a Christmas tree, whether a real tree, wall mounted one or an artificial tree is a boring task!

The key here is to be innovative and imaginative to come out with inspiring ideas which will effectively reflect your personal style and interest. When we are talking of Christmas tree decoration ideas, then surely as always, necessity is the mother of some beautiful inventions!

Here we are discussing some creative as well as inexpensive ideas for decorating Christmas tree for people on a budget:

Pipe cleaners – This is great idea for decorating your Christmas tree and is hit with kids too! You can twist these pipe cleaners into any shape like stars, snowflakes, angles, etc as per your imagination. You can directly wire all these Xmas decorations made with pipe cleaners on the tree. This kind of decoration is great for upside down or wall mounted Xmas trees.


Colored Plastic or Glass Balls – You can embellish the common colored plastic or glass balls by using aerosol flocking to generate a fake snow effect or use some glitter paint. This is tested and good Christmas tree decoration idea. You can even glue on the jewels available at craft store or glitter and then attach the ribbons and braids on the cheap glass balls turning them into a sort of Faberge egg. You can even use some ribbons, stickers or sequins for making some simple decorations look beautiful.

Images on old Christmas cards –This is a very simple idea for decorating the Christmas tree. You need to cut the images from the last years Christmas cards and then color their backs with silver or gold magic market. You can then hang them on the Christmas tree with the help of some shiny ribbon. This particular look will be great for the wall mounted Christmas tree which has been placed just next to your main entrance.

Decorations using glitter– Any sphere or tiny object can be painted or rolled in the glitter after dipping it in some glue. This is the easiest way to convert a junk into great xmas decoration which you can easily hang on the tree. You can easily get glitter in the craft store and it comes really cheap. You can easily convert anything like golf balls, cereal boxes or some antique boxes into a great Xmas décor.

Using cookies – You can decorate your Christmas tree using cookies as this is an old tradition as well. You can make shortbread or gingerbread cookies and then decorate these with some icing. You should leave a small hole in this confection for hanging it from ribbon or fish line from the Christmas tree. The snowmen made from shortbread or gingerbread looks awesome, especially on the green Christmas tree.

Origami trick– You can use Origami (art of folding paper) for decorating your Christmas tree. You can easily find all the requisite information on snowflakes to Origami on internet. You will easily find many websites offering you unique Christmas tree decoration ideas using Origami. A simple idea using Origami is to create smaller and larger version of a design and use the same to create a minimalist and balanced look on your tree.

Popcorns – You can’t get anything more cheaper than popcorn and is great for decorating the Christmas tree. All type of Christmas trees (real, artificial or wall mounted) look great when they are decorated with the popcorn garlands. You can easily shape these popcorns in the shape of balls and hand them like huge snowballs from the tree branches. If you are quite innovative, you can also color these popcorns using food colors for a dramatic effect!

Cute toys – If you are currently on budget, then you can surely find many ideas for Christmas decoration in the toys section of your neighborhood toy store. These miniature toys look cute and beautiful on a Christmas tree and children simply love the sight. The heavier items can easily be wired onto the branches of the tree and lightweight items hanged using the colorful bows. Dolls, airplanes, trains, etc look nice on the Christmas tree.

Laces and ribbons– You can tie the bows made from the ribbon scraps and some pieces of lace to the boughs of Xmas tree. This method is very safe for the upside down or wall mounted Christmas tree.

Translucent wired bows – You can easily purchase the translucent ribbons in many colors though gold and silver are hot at the moment. You just need to tie these on your Christmas tree to get the wow effect. The wire helps in keeping the bow stiff and big making it attractive.

Snowflakes – This idea of decorating your Christmas tree using snowflakes is very popular with kids. Do you recollect those snowflakes which you made during your childhood by folding paper? They can be easily decorated with different colors of glitter. In order to get dramatic results, you can hang the small snowflakes made from paper on the tree top and big ones at the tree’s bottom.

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