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Spooky Halloween Party Games for Kids: Games in Kid’s Halloween Parties – Races, Hunts & Pumpkin Bowling

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Careful choice of Halloween party games can really create an unforgettable experience for kids and provide hours of fun. The best games need not require expensive equipment or intensive supervision. The carer merely sets the scene and then may sit back and watch the children provide their own entertainment.

Children’s Party Ideas for a Spooky Halloween

To get the Halloween party going, the children could have fun making crafty Halloween decorations. Spooky objects and garlands can easily be made with a few simple items and purchases. The children may then have fun dotting their creations about the house.

A skeleton hunt would serve to warm things up. The skeleton parts made out of cut out card or a model that can be assembled are hidden about the house. The children must find the bone parts and try to assemble the skeleton. The winner gets a prize. Haunted Hanging Tree would provide further fun by hanging thirteen apples from a tree: Twelve red, and one green. A child is blindfolded and must find an apple to take a bite from and make a wish. If the apple is green, the wish comes true, if it is red, they get to keep the apple. Apples may be replaced for kids to have another go.

Relay Races for a Halloween Holiday

Kids love races, particularly if the race does not go the plan, as is often the case with relays. This involves teams competing against one another whilst carrying an object and handing it over to the next competitor without dropping it. The object used could be anything the host desires, but to make a really spooky experience, ping pong balls painted into eyeballs with red wool trailing out to suggest optic nerves can be used.

Alternatively, small gourds with witches faces painted. Each team begins in a row. The first child balances the object on a spoon and races to the end of the room as quickly as possible without dropping it. If they do, they must start again. The object must be handed to the next child without dropping it and so on. The winner gets a prize.

Kid’s Party Games for Halloween

Another fun game is Mummy Wrap, where two teams must race to wrap up a standing child in toilet roll, moving round until all is used up and the child resembles a mummy. The “wrapper” must then unwind the toilet roll again. The winner gets a prize.

Pumpkin Games

Pumpkins can be used in more ways than mere Halloween decorations or as spooky lanterns. Pumpkin bowling involves the use of small pumpkins without stems. By taping off an area of the garden or living room and using it as a bowling alley, children may have a go at rolling the pumpkins across the floor with the aim of knocking down plastic drinks bottles that have been decorated with Halloween stickers or paint. The bottles may be weighed down with sand if they are a little unsteady.

The pumpkin could also be used in a relay if the children are divided into equal teams and arranged in a row. The first child must pass the pumpkin over the head to the child behind, the next by handing it between the legs and so on. The child at the back must run to the front and repeat the process until all the children have had their turn at being in the front. The winner gets a prize.

Online Halloween Games

There are lots of online games for children to enjoy. Kaboose for example have an array of fun Halloween games such as Whack O Wheen where a witch whacks ghosts over the head with a broomstick before they are able to pilfer pumpkins. Transylmania requires the player to clear out the villagers from a castle by turning them into the walking dead. Creepy Colouring involves dropping colours onto haunted Halloween pictures. The images can be printed if the child prefers colouring by hand.

Kid’s Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween party ideas can really get kids in the mood by the use of simple items and a little planning. Getting kids to make Halloween decorations serve to keep them amused and set a spooky atmosphere for the parties to commence. Relay races and hunts rarely fail to provide hours of entertainment, as does online Halloween games to help them wind down.

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