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Spooky Trail Mix for Halloween

Published by Lorie Marren

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If you’re a parent, then you know that every holiday is another obligation, or should I say, opportunity to create a fun-activity filled day with your kids. The activities include arts, crafts, and every kids’ favorite activity: tasty treats! There’s everything from the generic Christmas tree cookies with sprinkles and icing to create wreaths and lights, to my personal favorite, The Spooky Trail Mix for Halloween.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a fun and spooky environment for you and the kids and how to make a very easy, healthy snack along the way. So, go and grab your kids and your imagination as we take a trip along The Spooky Trail!

The first ingredient in any Halloween Recipe is – Costumes!!! Yes, that includes you, the parent. If you remember anything about being a kid, it’s how much you loved wearing your Halloween costume, and how you wish you could wear it all day or all week long! So, step one in this recipe is go tell your kids to go put their Halloween costumes on! And while they are getting ready, it’s your turn. If you’re like me, then you’ll just wear some devil’s horn around your forehead and say that you’re, well, the devil. But, if you in the Halloween mood, then be creative and put baby power in your hair to make it look old and dusty! Or, you can put on those old outfits that you have from the good old days! Bell bottoms galore!

Okay, now back to the real food recipes for The Spooky Trail – Mix:
(this will feed about 3-4 kids so feel free to double everything for more)

  • 2 Cups – Whole Grain Chex Mix
  • 1 Cup – Unsalted Pretzel Sticks or Circles
  • 1 Cup – Mixed Nuts (Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews)
  • 1/2 Cup – Raisins
  • 1/2 Cup – Dried Cranberries
  • 1/4 Cup – Chocolate Morsels or M&M’s

(Store Brands are fine for all of the ingredients)
(There’s no point for this recipe to Spook your Wallet!)

Once you have gathered all of the ingredients, you’re ready to start the fun! Start my arranging all of the ingredients separately in a long line at your dinner table, or along the floor. Then, have your kids take a stand at the head of the table in a single file line as they prepare to enter “The Spooky Trail.” Tell each child that they are about to enter the Spooky Trail forest and hand each child an empty paper or foam bowl.

Here’s how the story goes: (feel free to improvise and use your scariest voice, dim the lights, and have fun!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I invite you to use your imagination as we enter The Spooky Trail! As we enter this dark and haunted forest, we must follow the trail as there are treats and goodies along the way. If we make it to the end, then we can meet our friend, Sam The Skeleton. I will be your tour guide along the trail. Have a scary time!!!

Now, walk along the long line of ingredients and tell a short story as you reach each one. Then, you will place a small quantity of each ingredient into each child’s bowl.

First, reach the Chex Mix:
First, we have arrived at the stock pile of monster cages. This large bowl contains hundreds of cages that were used to capture and hold zombies, goblins, and even ghosts! Let’s all take some cages because we might need them to catch monsters along the rest of the Spooky Trail!
(place about 3-4 tablespoons of Chex Mix (aka Monster Cages) into each child’s bowl)

Next, reach the Pretzels:
“Now, we have reached a mound of skeleton bones. The small circles and sticks are the bones that used to be ribs, legs, and even heads!! Let’s all take some of these as we can use them to protect us from any monsters along the rest of the Spooky Trail!
(place about 1-2 tablespoons of Pretzels (aka Skeleton Bones) into each child’s bowl)

Next, reach the Mixed Nuts:
Now, we have reached the ghost’s weapons chamber. The ghosts use these stones and rocks to throw at innocent children as they walk through the Spooky Trail. We should definitely have some of these for ourselves in case of any problems.”””
(place about 1-2 tablespoons of Mixed Nuts(aka Ghost rocks) into each child’s bowl)

Next, reach the Raisins and Cranberries:
Now, we have reached the pile of shrunken monkey heads! These are the heads of small monkeys that were shrunken by the curse of the witch! I sure hope we don’t encounter the witch as we walk along the Spooky Trail!
(place 1-2 tablespoons of Raisins and Cranberries (aka shrunken monkey head) into each child’s bowl)

Finally, reach the Chocolate Morsels or M&M’s
Look kids, finally we have reached the end of the Spooky Trail. Here are the treats that Sam the Skeleton has left for us since we made it all the way through!
(place 1-2 teaspoons of Chocolate into each child’s bowl)

Once you and your kids have reached the end of the line of ingredients, each child’s bowl will be full of a healthy, and tasty snack. Be sure to walk along the Spooky Trail yourself so you can also enjoy “The Spooky Trail – Mix”

Remember to be creative and come up with more of your own stories as you reach each ingredient! Happy and Healthy Eating!



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