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Storing Photographs of Your Family: Photo Storage Options to Fit Your Lifestyle

So you’ve been snapping away, taking pictures of your children, and now you’re looking for ways of storing photographs so you can enjoy them.

Storing photographs has never been easier, especially with digital photography. Depending on how you like to view your photographs and how you want to share them, there are several options for photo storage.

However you choose to store your best prints, have a box where you can toss the photos that may not be good enough for an album, but which you want to save anyway.

Photo Albums

Traditional photo albums are still one of the better ways to keep and view photographs. Photo albums come in a variety of sizes and with features you can choose to fit your needs.

Choose a photo album style that can be kept out on a bookshelf, so that viewing your photographs is easy and convenient. Photo albums tucked away in storage rarely get used.

Avoid photo albums with sticky page surfaces. Acid free pages will keep your photos picture perfect for longer.

Scrapbooks and Baby Books

If the standard photo album is too limiting and doesn’t give you enough opportunity to include comments and other non-photo items, consider keeping photographs in a scrapbook format. Scrapbooking is easy, with so many supplies available at craft stores. Keep photos of your children and family in a scrapbook organized by events, vacations and special occasions.

Baby books can be custom made to be photo album, scrapbook and record book all in one, for each of your children.

Photo Boxes and Files

For those who dread the task of organizing photographs, putting them into albums and labeling them, photo boxes are for you.

Photo boxes come in attractive colors and designs and look great on a bookshelf. For the easiest use, choose small photo boxes, label them by one or two events each, and just toss in your photos.

Some photo boxes have dividers so you can file your photos by date or event.

Digital Photo Storage

Digital photographs should be stored in a basic computer file system first and in addition to whatever user-friendly photo storage program you use. Be sure to back up your computer photo files often.

There are several options in computer photo filing. Picasa is a popular photo program, free from Google, that allows you to store and work with photos in a convenient structure.

Mac offers iPhoto, which stores photographs in events in chronological order and allows for easy cropping, editing, sharing via email and posting on the Web.

Internet Photo Albums

Internet photo storage allows you to store your photos online and share them with others. Most online photo sites are free and allow you to set preferences for who can see your photos and how they can be used.

Flickr, PhotoBucket and Snapfish are among the many online photo storage systems available.

Just like digital photo storage on your computer, be sure to keep a file of your photos separately in your computer and back it up. Your pictures in online photo albums can be deleted if your account is not kept up as per site requirements.

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