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Sundance Film Festival: Ideas for a Sundance Vacation

Published by Norma Saro

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Each year thousands of movie fans make their way to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. With so many great independent films being screened, along with world class skiing, restaurants, and other attractions, festival attendees have plenty of opportunities for a fun experience.


Buy tickets early, not only for the convenience, but also to guarantee a space in the theater, as seats can go quickly. Tickets can be purchased online at the Sundance Film Festival website, which also has a listing of all the films being screened and show times. Films are often shown several times throughout the week, and in different locations, many of which are not in Park City. Films are also screened in Salt Lake City, Ogden, and the Sundance Ski Area near Salt Lake.

Ticket can also be purchased for films the day of screening at box office centers in Park City and Salt Lake City. In addition, moviegoers can show up at the theater early, at least thirty minutes, to be put on a wait list for tickets. Only cash is accepted.


Accommodations can fill up fast in Park City, as well as in the Salt Lake area. Make reservations in advance so as to guarantee a room. Room rates may go up as the festival gets closer. People sometimes offer short-term rentals for their homes or apartments for festival attendees. These ads can be found on Craigslist.


If staying in Park City, a vehicle may not be necessary. Festival attendees can get around the town on public transportation that is free of charge. Busses have stops at theaters in Park City, as well as near Main Street, which has a lot of attractions.

For those who are staying in Salt Lake City, a rental car may be a better option, as it allows one to see films in Park City as well as get to films in Salt Lake, and see other attractions such as local ski resorts.

Having Fun

When not watching movies, there are plenty of other activities for those looking to have fun. Utah has some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world. Many resorts are within easy driving of Salt Lake, and Park City hosts several resorts. The snow is great, but it can get very cold. Know how to survive on the ski slopes in order to stay warm and dry.

For those who prefer less strenuous physical activity, there is plenty of shopping, historical sites, and cultural opportunities in the area. All this plus seeing some of the best in independent film can make a trip to Sundance an experience worth remembering for a lifetime.

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