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Super Fun Activites for a School Halloween Party

Published by Jc Rawling

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Halloween parties at school are so much fun! It’s nice to take a break from the lessons for a bit and just have a ghoulishly good time. Kids are a hard crowd to please! If you’re going to host a Halloween party for your students, try one of these fun activities:

  1. Monster Freeze.Grab yourself a Halloween CD with the song Monster Mash and other fun Halloween songs. Get your kids in a big circle. When the music starts everyone dances, but when the music stops your little ghosts and mummies freeze, making their scariest monster face. For older kids, this can be a fun contest. If anyone moves while they are supposed to be frozen, they are out. The last monster standing wins a fun prize like googley eyed glasses or a bucket of monster slime.
  2. Save Mr. Potato Head from The Blob!Children will love this gooey Halloween game! The hideous creature, The Blob, has eaten Mr. Potato Head. Your students must search through the slime to find all of Mr. Potato Head’s parts and put him back together again! Grab a few Mr. Potato Head dolls, tubs, two blindfolds per team, and some Nickelodeon slime. Set up as many stations as you have parts for and break the kids up into teams of three. Mix the slime and Mr. Potato Head body parts together in the tubs. One blindfolded team member has to find the body parts in the slime, the second races them over to the third, and the last team member has to assemble Mr. Potato Head while blindfolded. If you want to add a fourth team member, blindfold the runner and have the fourth person giving them directions between the two stations. The kids will laugh when they see how they’ve put Mr. Potato Head back together! You may want to head over to the dollar store and buy a few $1 plastic table clothes to cover the tables and tape to the floor between the slime and assembly stations to contain the mess.
  3. Create a Super Scary, Hairy Monster.This Halloween craft is tons for fun for little kids. You will need Styrofoam bowls, pipe cleaners, raffia or feathers, foam sheets, glue, large googley eyes, scissors, a hole punch, and a stapler. Some prep work will need done for this project. Put one bowl on top of the other with the lips together to make a body. Staple the lips of the bowls together. When you make the head, you do it the same way, except you add a hanging loop. To do this you cut a pipe cleaner into half or into thirds, poke each end through the bottom of a bowl and tie or twist it together on the inside, leaving a loop on the outside. With the foam sheets, you will need to draw an arm, leg, a couple different noses and different mouths. Make templates, then you can trace and cut out the rest. Use a hole punch to punch a hole into a body and a head. Use a small piece of pipe cleaner or yarn to tie the two together. When it’s time for the kids to make their Halloween monsters, they will spread glue on the head and body, and then cover it in feathers or raffia. Another option is to have kids paint them. Let your students choose which mouth, nose, and color of arms and legs to put on their monster. The arms and legs can be stapled or glued on based on which you think is easier. Let it dry and they have a great Halloween monster to decorate their bedroom or home with!
  4. The Mummy Wrap.This is an old favorite. All you need is toilet paper and a few inventive kids. Break your students up into teams. One team member gets to be the mummy and the others are the Halloween wrapping designers. Teams have to make the mummy into the best and most creative Halloween mummy with a package of toilet paper in five minutes. When the time’s up, you can do a Mummy Fashion Show and let the kids decide which Mummy is best!
  5. Monster Mad Libs.Create your very own classroom Halloween story. Start with a basic story beginning and a few zany monster characters like a surfing vampire (I vant to shoot vah tube!) and a hip hop Frankenstein. Let your students suggest some Halloween themed characters. Give each student a chance to tell you what happens next. Have each student draw a picture of their event, leaving space at the bottom for you to add the story. Print out the story, leaving spaces between so you can cut strips apart. You can either glue these on the pictures, or you can just photocopy them in place. Staple it together and you have a funny Halloween story your students will love reading because they are the authors!
  6. Halloween Boogie.If your students are dressing up for Halloween, they will want the chance to show off their fantastic costumes. Pop in a funky Halloween CD. You can set up chairs in two lines or have kids stand in two lines with space between the two lines for a runway. Give each student a chance to boogie down the aisle and show off their cool Halloween costume. You can roll out a long piece of art paper and let kids decorate the runway. If you have tile floorsand not carpet, I’d skip the paper runway because it will pose a hazard.



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