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Taking Pictures on Halloween

Published by Mariel Coonfare

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Halloween is a fun time for the whole family, and that means lots of pictures of the kids in their costumes. Taking pictures in all kinds of light will be common on Halloween night as the sun sets and kids migrate outside to go trick or treating.

The first thing to remember is to have your batteries in your digital camera fully charged. Before your picture taking bonanza begins make sure you have plenty of memory to last the entire evening. Clear out your camera’s memory and download all of the previous pictures to your computer or flash drive. If you think you’ll take a horde of pictures, carry a few extra memory sticks or disks with you that are compatible with your camera.

Take pictures of anything and everything. Get a shot of whole pumpkins on the table as your kids draw their designs on. Move on to them carving into the jack o’ lanterns. Take pictures of before, during, and after costumes. If you’re about to run out of memory before you leave the house, do a quick download to your computer before you leave if you go trick-or-treating.

When you take pictures of your kids in their costumes, take into account the most important things about the costume. If the costume is cutest from the neck up, you’ll want to take head shots. If the whole costume is awesome and completes a great look, consider taking pictures of their entire outfit. This changes how far away you’ll need to be to take pictures.

Indoor and outdoor lighting is another issue. Indoor pictures will need less of a flash if the light is bright enough. Check your flash gauge on the camera and it should assist you.

Use red-eye reduction on your flash if you’re taking pure head shots of your child’s costume. If you don’t want to do that, make sure you have a program on your computer that can get rid of red eye if you want to re-touch the photos later.

When taking pictures outside, use the flash when it’s completely dark or if the sun is still setting. Again, use your camera’s light sensing gauge.

Take into account the whole picture when trying to gauge how far away you should be. Are there a lot of people in the shot? You might want to be further away to get everyone in. Are there just two people in the photo? Get a little closer to bring out the details in outfits and faces.

Beautiful pictures of jack o’ lanterns lit up from the inside are a wonder to behold. These types of pictures are the one exception to the use a flash in the dark rule since the candles give off their own light. When you take pictures of objects releasing their own light, do away with the flash. Center the pumpkin in the shot and hold the camera steady as any sudden movement will completely blur out the pumpkin with less light. As always with digital photos, if you don’t like the shot on your screen once you take it, try again.

Make sure your kids are having fun in the midst of taking pictures. You don’t want the night to be nothing but taking pictures, so take into account what your kids are saying. Pay attention if they begin to get antsy and won’t be still for photos and consider taking action shots on the fly.

The best thing to remember is have fun. Pictures are fun and the memories will last a lifetime whether you take one picture or one hundred.




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