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Ten Great Halloween Movies

Published by Georgann Pace

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Not-So-Scary Movies to Get You Through the Holiday

Halloween is a wonderful time of year. Candy is everywhere, the weather is still bearable and there are tons of fun things to do. But, with Halloween, come Halloween movies. TV channels are plagued with horror flicks for one whole month. To some, this is an annual treat, but for those of us who jump when we’re home alone and the air conditioning clicks on, this can be a bit painful.

Alas, there is some hope for us yet! Halloween is celebrated in all kinds of movies. We scaredy-cats can step up and take control of our autumn entertainment! These are some great Halloween choices that won’t have you running into the kitchen every five minutes.

  1. Hocus Pocus – One of my favorites growing up! This is a cute film about three witches who come back to haunt Salem 300 years after their reign of terror. All fun and little to no scare!
  2. Monster House – A new animated favorite about a house that comes to life – and how neighborhood children handle the situation while adults turn the other way.
  3. Labyrinth – Not exactly a Halloween film, but Goblins and David Bowie as the Goblin King! How much better could it get?
  4. Nightmare before Christmas – A bit of a cult classic now, Tim Burton’s awesome take on the life of Halloween – and its relationship with the other holidays.
  5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – (or any of the Harry Potter flicks!) While these aren’t specifically Halloween movies, they’re great movies for the whole family.
  6. The Others – Okay, this one is a little tense. The whole time I watched it I was waiting for something to jump out at me, but this is as scary as it gets on this list. Great ghost story that will catch you off guard.
  7. Rocky Horror Picture Show – Speaking of cult classics! This is a great movie that everyone should see at least once in their (adult) life! A musical experience you will never forget!
  8. Edward Scissorhands – Who doesn’t love this movie? A great view for pretty much the whole family!
  9. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! – To bring back your childhood memories. Also a good movie to watch with the whole family, especially young kids. This is a great movie to watch while eating your favorite childhood Halloween candy.

And, last, but definitely not least, who you gonna rent?

  1. Ghostbusters! – An excellent movie for anyone who loves anything ’80’s. The ultimate ghost story/comedy. A Halloween must-see.

So grab your candy corn pumpkins and popcorn balls, and be ready to sit through and enjoy a whole Halloween movie (not just the only-slightly-scary parts in between the story line)!



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