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Ten Tips for Great Halloween Photos

Published by Jackson Majercin

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Halloween is one of the greatest holidays of the year! Most people will be dressed in something unique worth the attention of the camera. So I present you with ten tips for taking great Halloween photos.

Tip #1: Hold the camera as still as possible.

Most Halloween photos will be taken at night. As we’ve all experienced, night photos often come out blurry. To let your camera take the clearest picture, hold the camera as still as possible. If you don’t have a tripod, lean against an object to accomplish this.

Tip #2: Don’t use flash for the Halloween scenery background.

If you have some glowing pumpkins in the background, your picture will come out much nicer without flash. If you don’t and you are just taking pictures of people without a fancy background, use flash. Remember Halloween is dark and spooky, over using flash doesn’t capture that essence.

Tip #3: Have fun and be spontaneous

Asking people to pose, almost always comes out with forced facial expressions. To capture natural smiles, get caught up in the Halloween spirit when taking the photos.

Tip #4: When outside, shoot up-close

Not even flash will take a good picture from far away at night.

Tip #5: Take a few group shots

Just in case all the spontaneous shots came out with bad angles. Take a few group shots with everyone dressed up together. But don’t just tell them “say cheese”. Tell them what funny poses to do and it will probably be a better picture than the pose they naturally revert to.

Tip #6: Take pictures with other people

Halloween is also about seeing such fun costumes everyone else is wearing. But don’t just shoot a shot of them from far away. Meet them, and ask if you can take a picture with them. I’ve never been turned down.

Tip #7: Take some while making / putting on the costume

It’s always fun to look back and see the work that you put in to making a costume.

Tip #8: Learn the basics of using digital cameras

If you are not familiar with using a digital camera please play around with them before the holiday. Halloween is such a fast-paced day, you don’t want to lose some memories because you had to stop everything and learn how to use the camera.

Tip #9: Make sure the memory card has room

Many people actually forget to copy out the old photos to their computer and so when Halloween comes they might be stuck at an event with no more room for photos. A few times I’ve known people who come without even putting in a memory card.

Tip #10: Use new or fully-charged batteries

This is probably the most important rule. No power, no pictures.

Happy Holidays!



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