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Thanksgiving Art for Kids: Two Classroom Art Projects for the Thanksgiving season

Published by Pasquale Wattenbarger

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Autumn and the beginning of winter lead themselves to numerous opportunities for child crafts. The holidays that take place during this time period are excellent for celebrating with pictures, paintings, and art projects. When looking for art activities near Thanksgiving, think of more than simply turkeys. Add student art activities to the class that enhance the curriculum. Select Thanksgiving art that can be displayed well before, during, and even after the November holiday.

After decorating the room with the fall squirrel and leaf wreath art, consider using signs of Thanksgiving with Indian corn and cornucopias. In addition to allowing for great classroom fun, these activities also increase fine motor skills.

Indian Corn Art


  • Cardboard cut outs in the shape of an ear of corn
  • White construction paper
  • Fall paints (orange, yellow, purple, brown, red)
  • Raffia
  • Glue


Using the cardboard cut outs prepared by the teacher, have the students trace the shape onto a piece of white construction paper. Tracing two ears of corn often makes for the best display of fall art. Once the shapes are traced, students should dip one finger in a fall paint color. They then create corn kernels by placing fingerprints on the ear of corn.

The students should sporadically place their fingerprints, then clean their fingers and choose a different color. Continue this process until the entire ear is covered with kernels.

Allow the paint to dry on both ears of corn. Instruct students to cut out the ears using scissors. Glue the two ears together at the top (the widest side). Finish off the autumn art project by attaching a raffia bow to the top. The raffia will appear as the cornhusk.

Cornucopia Art


  • Cardboard cut outs of the following: cornucopia horn, apple, bunch of grapes, pear, and pumpkin
  • Construction paper (brown, red, purple, green, and orange)
  • Large sheet of black construction paper
  • Glue


Instruct students to trace and cut out the shapes on the appropriate color of construction paper. Brown is for the horn, red for the apple, purple for the grapes, orange for pumpkin, green for the pear, and the black with the background. Cut a slit in the middle of the mouth of the horn. The slit should not go to the edge of the horn. Create this opening by gently folding the horn mouth and cutting a small list with scissors.

When completing this activitity in preschool or kindergarten crafts, the teacher should make the slit for the children. Older students may be capable of cutting their own openings. Glue the horn onto the black construction paper. Continue gluing by placing some of the fruits tucked partially in the slit. This will give the illusion that the food is inside the horn. Other fruits may be placed outside the horn.

Classroom Thanksgiving art projects are great fun for students. However, the holiday is about much more than creating turkey art. Consider using Indian corn art and cornucopia art to discuss the first Thanksgiving. These projects are also wonderful fine motor skills activities.

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