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Thanksgiving Craft for Kids – Fingerprint Turkey: Make a Cute Turkey Using Fingers

Published by Pablo Niten

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In some homes there is a tradition of providing children with a craft to do after Thanksgiving dinner when everyone else is chilling out by the TV. Kids can get kind of cranky when they get bored, so some organized activity will probably promote peace and harmony plus some fun for the kids. Every family member can take a turn each year providing the crafts and/or games or maybe grandma enjoys doing it if everyone else cleans up the dinner mess.

There are many opportunities to get craft instructions online and many of the crafts are very cute and use inexpensive craft supplies or things found around the house. The following directions are for a cute finger print turkey that will be fun for all kids to make. Direct the older kids to help the younger ones and the job will not be as daunting.

Make Finger Print Turkeys

This is a fun craft for the smaller children. Use their fingerprints to make these Turkeys.


  • Cardstock or other heavy paper in an off white or beige color
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Heavy duty paper plates (use the ones that are like plastic)
  • Brown, red, yellow, and orange finger paint
  • Paper towels
  • Black regular or fine point magic marker (flair pens work best)
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn


  1. Before the kids start the craft use the ruler to mark off 4-1/4 inches at the top and the bottom of the paper, then draw a line that will go down the center of the paper top to bottom. Divide the paper in 4ths now by marking a point on the side of the paper at 2-3/4 inch intervals on both sides. Draw lines connecting. There should be 8 rectangles drawn on the paper. Cut these out.
  2. Place small dollops of the different colored finger paint all around the paper plate. They should not touch. This is the palate for the paint.
  3. Dip the thumb in the brown paint and blot excess off on paper towel.
  4. Press thumb in middle of the cut out paper rectangle. This is the turkey’s body.
  5. Let it dry for a few minutes (it should dry pretty fast) then dip the pinky finger in the yellow paint. Blot off excess paint. This will be the first row of feathers.
  6. Place a yellow pinky print at the very top of the brown print but do not touch the brown print. Make 2 more yellow pinky prints to each side of the central yellow print. Let these dry.
  7. Dip pinky in red paint and blot off excess paint. Find the central yellow pinky print or the first one of the yellow ones and place a red pinky print above and to the right of it. Place one more red pinky print above and between the next two yellow pinky prints. Let dry.
  8. Then do the same on the left. Dip pinky in the orange paint and blot off excess. Place an orange pinky print above the central yellow print and above the red prints. Place another orange pinky print between the two red ones on the right and the left. Let dry and make sure the prints are completely dry before continuing.
  9. With magic marker draw in a beak and feet on the brown body of the turkey then outline the outside of the yellow pinky print feathers.
  10. Outline the red layer of prints then the orange one.
  11. Have the children write their name on the card then take a hole punch and make a hole at the top left hand corner.
  12. Thread yarn through it and use this to tie up a goodie bag to give them when they go home or use in a Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt.

This craft will keep the kids occupied for at least a little while. Be sure to check into some other Thanksgiving crafts to keep them happy and busy.

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