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Thanksgiving Crafts and Turkey Projects: Ideas for Turkey Decorations and Thanksgiving Craft Resources

Published by Andres Zinni

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It’s time for Thanksgiving arts and crafts. Turkey projects are fun for kids of all ages. Gone are the days of the construction paper turkey hand. Today’s thanksgiving crafts use a wide variety of materials, including craft-store feathers, recycled containers and many more readily available modern art supplies.

Turkey Projects

Make a turkey pencil holder out of a small paper milk carton. Rinse the carton thoroughly and turn it upside down to dry overnight. Cover the outside of the carton with brown paper, like from a recycled brown paper grocery bag. Tie a small red ribbon around the base of a brown tootsie pop and press the stick into the sealed side of the milk carton’s top. This will be your turkey’s head. Glue craft feathers in fall colors to several pencils or pens and place them inside of the open part of the carton.

Pinecone turkey placeholders make great thanksgiving crafts because they’re cute and functional. Begin by vacuuming each pine cone, to remove any dust or insects. Lay the pine cone on its side and glue colored feathers in between the scaled segments. Cut out a rounded brown triangle to use as a face, or just use wobbly eyes. To add Thanksgiving table name cards, mount them onto the end of a straight pin and press it into the pine cone. If you’re using a larger pine cone, you might need to glue it.

Turkey Decorations

Make a felt tissue box cover. Create a turkey template by tracing the edges of the box on the back side of the felt. Cut the felt ¼ inch past the edges and glue the seams together, inside out. When you’re finished, turn it right side out for a smooth appearance. The tissues become the turkey’s tail, so stock up on orange tissue around Halloween or make a white turkey to compliment the Thanksgiving decorations. For the turkey’s head, stick two googly eyes on a toilet paper roll, and use a pipe cleaner for the chin. Cut the roll of toilet paper in half, so it’s not so tall.

Turkey Arts and Crafts

An easy project for children is the Thanksgiving turkey door wreath. Cut a wreath shape from corrugated cardboard, and also a turkey neck and head. Collect several colors of tissue paper and cut them into 1-2 inch squares. Cover the wreath with glue, in small working sections and have the children wrinkle up the tissue paper and press it into the glue. Older children can use the eraser end of the pencil and younger children can just roll the tissue paper into little balls. Once the wreath is covered in tissue paper, stick the head of the turkey over the front of it and hang on any door.

Thanksgiving activities with turkeys are fun for children, but the tired old turkey hand project is a relic from the past. Other Thanksgiving project ideas revolve around traditional symbols of Thanksgiving, like the cornucopia, Indian Corn and the pilgrims. Revive your Thanksgiving turkey (not literally) with new creative turkey projects.

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