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Thanksgiving Crafts – Centerpiece Ideas

Published by Tristan Lambermont

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Co Author: Justin Ewert

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When family and friends gather to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a bountiful meal, why not create a beautiful centerpiece to accent the table.

Thanksgiving crafts are a creative way to express all that one is thankful for and to highlight the delicious foods of the season, as well as the beautiful colors of autumn.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Children

Pick up a photo tree at a craft store or photography shop to use for several different types of crafts. For a craft idea that can be reused year after year, have kids trace their hands or trace leaves on construction paper. Next, ask the kids to write what they are thankful for. If they are younger, write their responses for them, or let them draw a picture instead. The hands and/or leaves can be decorated with golden glitter, to really make the centerpiece sparkle.

With some advanced planning, organize a photo project for older children and teens. The children can take pictures of people, places and things they are thankful for. Then attach the photos to the photo tree for a memorable and personalized centerpiece.

Delicious, Edible Centerpiece Ideas

Edible centerpieces look great and do double-duty as the dessert after a big Thanksgiving meal. For a simple arrangement, bake or buy mini desserts made of seasonal ingredients, and arrange them on a tiered tray.

For a lighter dessert option, make a turkey centerpiece out of fruit. Use a melon for the body, and then use skewers of fruit, like grapes, melon and apples, to stick in the melon, creating the tail feathers of the turkey. For the head of the turkey, skewer a pear onto the melon. Add raisins for eyes. The turkey can be more detailed or not, depending on time and available ingredients. Some craft items may be used to create other parts, like the feet and beak.

The skewers can also be stacked with cheeses, a great complement to fresh fruit.

Natural Items for Decorating – Flowers, Pumpkins and Gourds

For fresh flower centerpieces, choose seasonal flowers, like Chrysanthemums, Gerbera Daisies and Asters. When creating a fresh or dried flower arrangement for fall, look for flowers in rich autumn colors, like red, yellow and orange.

Pumpkins and gourds are a symbol of autumn harvest and celebration. Pumpkins can be hollowed out and used as a vase for fresh or dried flowers. Gourds are available in a variety of colors , shapes and sizes, so simply arranging them on a tray or in a bowl will make a beautifully simple decorating solution. Select gourds of the same color for an elegant touch.

Treated and dried gourds, as well as dried flowers can last for quite some time. So centerpieces using these items can be left out and enjoyed throughout the season.

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