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Thanksgiving Day Arts and Crafts: Creative Activities for Young Children

Published by Joanie Cosimini

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To celebrate Thanksgiving, there are fantastic art projects to complete as a class. Here are some ideas for teachers looking for fun and creative art for students to take home.

Turkey Art

Turkey Hats: These are very cute and are very easy to make. You will need: Two brown lunch bags, a strip of butcher-block paper, cotton balls, glue and shredded paper. Fill each lunch bag with paper twisting the top of the bag to form a drumstick. Then glue on cotton balls around the end of the drumstick. Glue drumsticks on either side of an already made headband of butcher-block paper.

Feet and Hands Turkey: Have students trace one foot on brown construction paper and place aside. Instruct the students to trace one hand on different colour construction paper (red, yellow, green, orange, and blue) and place aside. On white paper, glue hands fanning out to create a rainbow shape. Glue brown foot cut out on top of the hands. On the brown foot can students glue googly eyes, an orange triangle for a beak and a red top half of a heart shape to the top of turkey.

Giving Thanks Art Activities

Thanksgiving Day: Brainstorm with the class what this day looks like in the homes of the students. What fun activities happen at home, how the family prepares for the day and who comes over or who will the student be visiting? Then give each student a piece of decorative paper. This paper can be bordered with leaves or turkeys. Then instruct the students to draw and colour a picture of what Thanksgiving looks like at home.

Thankfulness Tree: Brainstorm as a class what are the children thankful to have in their lives. Answers may vary from family members to pets. Record on chart paper all the items mentioned during the discussion.

Cut out a trunk of a tree from brown construction paper. Glue trunk on paper so the bottom of the trunk is glued to the bottom of a large piece of black or white construction paper. A student then traces hand on pieces of construction paper and write or a teacher can scribe using a marker what he or she is thankful for one idea per hand. A student should make at least four hands of different colours then glue to the trunk of the tree.

Celebrating what students are thankful for is a wonderful way to promote what Thanksgiving is truly all about. Making a turkey hat and a Thanksgiving tree will make celebrating the day memorable for students. Students will be very excited to show family members at Thanksgiving dinner the beautiful art made at school.

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