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Thanksgiving Day Table Inexpensive Decorations: Centerpieces and Place Settings that Cost Little or Nothing

Published by Marco Briney

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Thanksgiving table decorations that are colorful and add charm to the dining atmosphere can be made inexpensively using imagination and many things that can be found at dollar stores, are already around the home, just outside the door or in the neighborhood.

Start Early

Begin by setting up a shopping list. In “A Perfect Thanksgiving Table” CBS News (11/18/2005) suggests starting at least a week before Thanksgiving Day to decide which dishes, flatware, glassware and linens that are to be used. If the meal is to be informal, put paper plates, plastic utensils, paper napkins and clear plastic cups on the list of things to buy. Being well prepared can prevent some of the stress associated with entertaining on the holiday.

Shopping at the Dollar Stores

Start early in the month visiting dollar stores while items are still plentiful. Some of the things you can find are cloth table runners that can be put over a plain white tablecloth which can add a touch of elegance to the table setting. Look for other decorating ideas such as autumnal garlands, candles and paper decorations. Use imagination while browsing the aisles. Don’t over look small items that guests can take home with them as reminders of the holiday celebration.

Decorations Found Around the Home or Neighborhood

At this time of year, bright leaves and foliage can be found, sometimes just outside the door. These can be used in a variety of ways. They add color and design when scattered down the center of the table or placed under glass serving dishes for added designer touches. In areas where there are oak trees, acorns can be found which can be used as house or table decorations and also pine cones used to add color to the table. Food, such as fresh cranberries served on a platter with a large candle in the center can become another table decoration or simply scattered among the serving plates.

The Table Covering

The table covering can be cloth or paper, place mats or runners using the traditional autumn colors of rust, yellows, reds and browns. Adding a few gourds or pumpkins, plentiful at this time of year, can be used as centerpieces instead of costly flowers. If there are small pumpkins available, group them together in the center of the table or use them as place holders.

Keep it Simple

Although all the decorating of the table adds a festive mood to the Thanksgiving meal, relax when it is done. What is most important to the guests is sharing the day with family and friends. Keeping everything simple so that the hostess and guests can be together to enjoy the food is what makes memories.

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