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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas: Table Decorations and Centerpieces

Published by Darryl Kehm

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Decorating for Thanksgiving means thinking in harvest themes. Thanksgiving has long been a holiday to celebrate a successful summer and crop harvest. Why not bring these themes to your table?

Thanksgiving Decorating Tips

Begin planning for your Thanksgiving table decorations by choosing a color palette. Reds, oranges, yellows, browns, oranges and creams have traditionally been popular colors for Thanksgiving decorations, and most of these colors are seen among gourds, fallen leaves, fruit and fall flowers.

Just because the colors are popular, however, does not mean you need to stick with them. If you choose to use another color palette, make sure that it is appropriate and that you will be able to find enough, natural looking pieces to create the Thanksgiving table decorations.

When creating your centerpiece, make sure your piece is bright and attractive, yet small and short so it is not in the way. A centerpiece should be no taller than 12 inches so that people sitting around the table can see each other and converse.

Thanksgiving Table Decorations: Tips for Creating the Perfect Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Creating a Thanksgiving table decoration can be as simple as stepping out into your backyard. When the leaves are brightly colored, but before they have fallen from the trees, pick a few different colored leaves to use. Wash them and store them in a plastic bag until they are ready to be used. Try not to pick them too early so they are fresh for your decoration. Also, if you have pine cones in your back yard, grab a few of those, too.

To create the Thanksgiving decoration, line a large bowl with the selected leaves. Arrange the pine cones on top of the leaves in the bowl, and mix the remaining leaves in for a bright and colorful decoration. If you do not have pine cones in your yard, or you are looking for an added touch, stop into a craft store. Most stores sell large, scented pine cones.

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas Using Apples and Gourds

For another harvest idea, stop into a craft store and purchase an inexpensive pine cone-and-leaf or fall-flower wreath. Place the wreath on a plastic tray and fill the wreath with apples and pears, gourds or other fall fruits and vegetables. Use leaves from your backyard or parsley to fill in the gaps.

If you chose to use pears for this wreath, use the extras to create place cards for your guests. Simply take the name card and pin it to the pear. This simple place card will help tie your entire table and harvest theme together.

If you would like to use fruit but do not have a wreath, place a house plant, such as ivy, in the center or the corner of the plastic tray. Surround it with small gourds and pumpkins, corn and other harvest vegetables. Again, you can fill the gaps with leaves or ivy.

Though decorations can pull a room and a dinner together, don’t stress about them too much. Remember that Thanksgiving is all about sharing time with loved ones, giving thanks and celebrating. Besides, everyone will be looking at the food, anyway!

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