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Thanksgiving Kids Art Activity: Recycling Holiday Craft Project

Published by Emery Pierpont

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With the winter fast approaching many families are beginning to gather together last year’s warm winter mittens, hats, and coats. When a lone mitten, or one with a gaping hole, is found the first inclination for many parents is to simply discard the item. Instead of throwing away worn or unusable winter gloves or mittens, reuse them to create terrific Thanksgiving art.

Reusing and Repurposing Clothing

There are several ways to deal with last year’s warn winter items. The first is to hand down the clothing (mittens, gloves, hats, and more) to a younger family member or friend. For families that have no younger children, the next best idea may be to give the clothing away to a charity. This will help out a child in need, and can provide a valuable lesson in giving.

Some winter clothing items may not be in good enough shape to give away. These include gloves, mittens, or boots that have lost their mate or items that have stains or holes in them. These are generally considered not wearable, and should not be passed off onto someone else’s child.

Worn items can be reused in a non-clothing type of way. Try repurposing these articles into creative art materials. Textured fabrics that are filled with bright colors or patterns can provide a wonderful medium for creating imaginative works of art.

Thanksgiving Turkey Kids Art Activity

During the holiday season try repurposing an old or worn glove into a Thanksgiving turkey collage construction material. This art activity can be as simple or elaborate as the family members decide. Follow the simple directions listed below for a fun family project that will encourage children to learn about environmental awareness, animals, and art.

Materials Needed to Create A Thanksgiving Collage

  • Old or worn glove (this can be child or adult sized)
  • Clear drying, non-toxic school glue
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • Tissue paper (try reusing tissue paper from gift boxes)
  • Markers

Steps to Create Thanksgiving Turkey Art

  1. Lay the glove on a workspace so that it is flat. Place the glue all over the glove.
  2. Gently turn the glove over, and press it (glue side) down onto the construction paper. The fingers will hold the feathers, the thumb will be the turkey’s head, and the palm will be the turkey’s body.
  3. Cut pieces of tissue paper to look like feathers.
  4. Use markers to color the tissue paper feathers.
  5. Glue the tissue paper feathers to the fingers of the gloves. Do not glue any to the thumb.
  6. Use markers to draw a face onto the thumb. The beak may go off of the glove and onto the construction paper.
  7. Set aside to dry.

Reused winter clothing items can be repurposed into imaginative art materials. Celebrate Thanksgiving by spending time together as a family, and create a holiday inspired craft out of old clothing items. Use a worn winter glove and basic art materials to construct a turkey collage. This children’s art activity is sure to be fun for the entire family!

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