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Thanksgiving Napkin Ring Crafts Kids Can Make for the Table

Published by Vance Enno

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The anticipation of holidays such as Thanksgiving is contagious, and often children would love to help out with the preparations and decorations. Since Thanksgiving revolves around a festive meal, let children help decorate the table with napkin rings for everyone that will be joining together at the table.

Simple Ribbon Napkin Rings

With only two supplies, children can make these napkin rings that look quite elegant. Cut toilet paper tubes in half, and allow children to pick one of several colors of ribbon. Burnt orange, brown, gold, and burgundy all go well with a Thanksgiving decor.

Next, tape one end of the color chosen on the inside of the tube, and children can continue to weave the ribbon around the tube and back down the hole until it is covered entirely. Fasten the end with glue or tape on the inside.

Indian Corn Napkin Rings

One of the images associated with Thanksgiving is Indian Corn. Even young children can make Indian Corn Napkin Rings by taking a cardboard toilet tissue tube, and covering it with brown construction paper. Then, give children a supply of small buttons in harvest colors such as shades of brown, orange, and yellow. Kids can glue them on in rows to make them look like corn rows.

Tissue Paper Napkin Holders

Kaboose suggests letting children make napkin holders out of construction paper and tissue paper. Cut a strip of green construction paper about 1 1/2 inches wide and 5 inches long. Cut yellow, orange, and burgundy tissue paper into 1 inch squares, which children can wrap around a pencil eraser, dip in a bit of white glue, and attach it to the construction paper until the entire paper is covered.

When dry, make the construction paper into a loop and attach with glue or tape. The result is a leafy-looking napkin holder in beautiful fall colors.

Creative Table Decorations

Let a child’s creativity come out by providing some simple supplies:

  • cardboard tubes
  • construction paper
  • crayons or markers
  • feathers from a craft store
  • glue

Kids Craft Zone suggests that children may make a mini headdress with a construction paper loop and feathers. They could then draw or write anything they like on this fun napkin holder.

Personalized Photo Napkin Rings

Another simple idea involves making a napkin ring out of construction paper. Collect a photo of each of the guests coming to dinner, and mount it with glue onto a piece of card stock. Glue this on the napkin ring and it becomes a napkin ring and place card all in one.

For a fun activity, find pictures of guests when they were children or babies. Everyone will enjoy looking at the pictures and trying to guess which picture goes with each guest.

As Thanksgiving nears, get children involved in the preparations by providing materials for them to decorate the table. Simple napkin holders, place cards, or other activities are an easy way for children to contribute to the meal.

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