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Thanksgiving Place Setting Card Activity: Turkey Themed Holiday Craft for Kids and Parents

Published by Pasquale Brodess

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Create unique Thanksgiving place setting cards with the entire family! This seasonal holiday kids’ activity will inspire creativity and serve a practical purpose. Children young and old can help to design and produce turkey themed name tags that can be displayed on the dinner table. Try adapting this activity according to the child’s age, family needs and materials available.

Materials Needed for Thanksgiving Place Setting CardsParents and kids will need the following materials to create the cards.

  • Cardstock or other thick paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Craft feathers (do not use real bird feathers)
  • Markers

Steps to Create Thanksgiving Place Setting Cards

  1. Ask the child to cut two circles from the cardstock. One should be larger than the other. The larger circle will be the turkey’s body and the smaller one will be the head. Consider using the bottom of a cup or coffee mug as a template for the larger circle. Trace the template, and then cut around the lines. Younger children may need adult assistance in cutting out the circles. This step provides a wonderful opportunity to teach a young child about basic concepts such as shape and size.
  2. Write the name of the family member or friend on the larger circle using markers. An adult may help by lightly writing the name in pencil first, and then asking the child to trace the letters with a marker.
  3. Have the child draw a turkey face onto the smaller circle. This can be as minimal (i.e., basic shapes such as circle eyes and a triangle beak) or elaborate as the child wants.
  4. Glue the smaller circle onto the top of the larger circle.
  5. Place a thin line of glue along the outside edges of the larger circle. Glue on the craft feathers.
  6. Set aside to dry.
  7. Repeat for each family member or dinner guest.

Holiday Dinner Craft Adaptations

This Thanksgiving place setting craft activity can be used as is or adapted for other specific needs. Examples of adaptations include:

  • Feather Alternate: If the feathers are coming apart or leaving small, fluffy pieces on the dinner table consider using a different type of material. Construction paper, felt, craft foam, or fabric can be cut and glued on as feathers. Fabrics and felts may need an additional cardstock backing in order to create a sturdy base.
  • Props, Costumes and Embellishments: Create dazzling turkeys that are full of colorful and creative touches. Make Pilgrim hats or add glitter to a simple turkey place card setting for that added touch.
  • Pop Up Place Cards: Cut a long, thin rectangle from the cardstock. Fold the paper in half. Glue one side to the turkey, creating a base for the card to stand up on.

Make Thanksgiving dinner an extra special occasion by creating fun turkey place cards as a family. This activity is sure to become a yearly holiday tradition!

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