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Thanksgiving Team Building Activities for Kids: Best Teamwork, Children Group Games for Thanksgiving Holiday

Published by Scottie Lansdowne

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Encourage children to work together with cooperative Thanksgiving games and activities this holiday season. With group games and teamwork, children will learn to take turns, share, cooperate, and enhance social skills. Learning how to interact socially will be a huge step in any young child’s development. This article describes three creative Thanksgiving team building activities that will be fun and entertaining for preschoolers and school-aged kids at home or in the classroom.

Group Activity Thanksgiving Tree

Making a Thanksgiving tree will be a great way to engage groups of children and teach them what Thanksgiving is all about, while at the same time building social skills. Create several leaves out of fall-colored construction paper. Then have the kids write down one thing they are thankful for on each leaf.

Place the autumn leaves in a brown paper grocery bag. Then have the kids each choose one and read it out loud to all the other children. Try to guess who might have written each message of thanks. Finally, place the leaves on a tree or wall mural drawn in the shape of a tree.

Group Harvest Celebration and Cookbook

This activity will encourage children to work together and enjoy a great Thanksgiving celebration. Split kids up into small groups. Have each group be in charge of one part of the harvest celebration and cookbook arrangement. One group should be the recipe gatherers. Have them collect favorite Thanksgiving Day recipes from the class and place into a book that can be copied and bound later.

Have another group bring in simple Thanksgiving treats to enjoy at the harvest such as apple pie, popcorn, cheese sticks, or apples with caramel dip. A third group can be in charge of setting up and decorating the harvest table. Have them draw Thanksgiving pictures and scenes on a plain white tablecloth. Lay it out on a long table and set down napkins, forks, cups, and plates.

Invite guests, parents, friends, and more to enjoy the harvest feast and give each one a cookbook to take home for the Thanksgiving holiday!

The Great Turkey Race Group Game

This Thanksgiving team building activity can be done outdoors on a warm fall day. Have volunteers bring in several similar-sized pumpkins. Decorate the pumpkins like turkeys by painting eyes, beaks, gobbler, and adding a feather or construction paper tail. Get two or three flat pieces of wood or very stiff cardboard to be used as the starting points of the race.

Split kids up into small groups. Each team can decorate its own pumpkin to look like a turkey (as described above). Set up a finish line with chalk or orange cones, and place the wooden boards side-by-side several feet from the finish line with one end raised. It will be easier if adults hold the boards up at equal angles to the ground.

Have teams place their turkey pumpkins at the raised end of the boards. Count to three and say “go”, and each team should then let go of the pumpkin and watch as they race each other to the finish line!

More Holiday and Thanksgiving Team Building Activities, Group Games for Kids

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Great teamwork ideas for a fun Thanksgiving holiday can be used to enhance social skills and cooperation. Try some of the above Thanksgiving team building activities and fun children group games that teach the little ones how to work together, take turns, and share effectively. Teach polite social behavior with these enjoyable and creative kids’ team building games and activities for Thanksgiving.

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