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Thanksgiving Travel for a Relaxing Holiday: How to Take a Meaningful and Special Thanksgiving Vacation

Published by Ronnie Finne

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Thanksgiving holidays bring smiles and feelings of contentment and gratitude to many as they enjoy gathering the family around a dining table loaded with turkey and other special Thanksgiving Day food. Others opt to make Thanksgiving special by taking a Thanksgiving vacation.

Those far away from other family members or who just want a change of pace may find that Thanksgiving travel is the best way to enjoy the holiday.

Thanksgiving Travel to Visit Family

Thanksgiving travel to visit family is by far the most common reason people travel on or around Thanksgiving Day. The long Thanksgiving weekend affords many the time to take a Thanksgiving vacation without using up a lot of valuable vacation time.

Traveling over Thanksgiving to visit family has many benefits including being able to see many family members all at once, but it isn’t without hassles and troubles, particularly if travel must be done by air. Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest travel weekends of the year and delays are often a big part of them. Those who choose to travel to visit family over Thanksgiving would do well to provide a little cushion to their schedule in case they run into unexpected delays.

Historical Thanksgiving Vacation

Colonial Williamsburg is an excellent place to enjoy a historical Thanksgiving vacation including many different options for a sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner where preparation and cleanup is done by someone else. Prices start at $19.95 for children and $54.95 for adults, and reservations are a must. Call 1-800-HISTORY to make reservations for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in Colonial Williamsburg.

In addition to enjoying Thanksgiving dinner in a historic setting, visitors may also discover what types of Thanksgiving food was enjoyed by both the 18th century working class and elite, as well as visit working kitchens in the Colonial Williamsburg historical area.

Thanksgiving Safety During Holiday Travel

Nothing ruins a holiday faster than illness, accidents, or injuries, so it’s wise to focus on Thanksgiving safety as part of your Thanksgiving travel plans.

In order to have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving, be sure to travel with a good assortment of both prescription and over the counter medications. Prescription medications that must be taken daily should be placed in carryon baggage rather than checked baggage in case checked baggage gets lost.

Over the counter medications including cold and cough medication, pain medication, and medication for stomach troubles such as diarrhea and upset stomach are good things to have on hand while on a Thanksgiving vacation.

If your Thanksgiving vacation involves car travel, be sure to check weather and road conditions and avoid areas such as high mountain passes where icy roads are common. Map out your route ahead of time making note of where to fill up the gas tank.

Packing your trunk with a spare tire, blankets, water, flares, a first aid kit and emergency food items are also good ways to make sure you practice Thanksgiving safety while taking a Thanksgiving vacation road trip.

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