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The ABCs of Family Activities: 26 great ways for your family to connect and have fun

It is almost time for spring break, and you may be wondering what you and your family can do to have fun and bond together while you have the time. Just follow the ABCs of fun family activities.

A – Act out your favorite Bible characters and have the rest of the family guess who you are.

B – BINGO. You can make your own cards and call-out sheets at DLTK. Be creative with counters, using candy, buttons, and more.

C – Create a house of cards. Get multiple decks of cards and have a building contest to see what cool buildings you can make out of cards.

D – Draw and make pictures. Display your pictures on a wall in your home as a gallery.

E – Enjoy a movie or museum together.

F – Family Game Night! Maybe even splurge on a new game to keep everyone interested.

G – Gardening is a fun activity that the whole family can do together. Little kids can pull weeds, while older kids and parents can plant. Everyone will enjoy taking care of the garden throughout spring and summer.

H – Have a picnic! If it is not good weather outside, spread out a big blanket on your living room floor and have it there.

I – Ice cream. You can either hop on over to your nearest ice cream parlor or make your own at home. A good homemade recipe that is easy for little kids can be found at Kids Domain.

J – Jump for joy and make an obstacle course outside that everyone needs to complete.

K – Kneel in prayer. Family prayers are so important and a great way for the whole family to feel connected.

L – Letters. Choose someone the whole family would like to send a letter to. Each family member writes a paragraph or two to that person. It is a very personalized way to tell someone your family cares. Place an address on the envelope and a stamp, and off it goes!

M – Make paper airplanes and see whose can go the farthest. Try different variations.

N – Nature hike. Go to your local park with a trail and take a nature hike. You can print out a handy natural trail checklist for young hikers that will make the journey even more fun at abcteach.com.

O – Olympic games! If the weather is nice outside hold your own Olympics outside. Each member of your family chooses a game for everyone to participate in, like ball throwing, how times you can jump rope, climb a rope, etc.

P – Performance theater. Take a popular Bible story and act it out. You can have costumes, make a script, and have fun putting on your show!

Q – 20 Questions. Think of a person, place, or thing and let everyone in the family ask questions to try and figure out what you are thinking of. Everyone together gets a cumulative of 20 questions to guess what you are thinking of.

R – Read a story/Tell a story. You can either read short stories and everyone in the family can have a turn…or…you can take turns telling a story. Choose a person to start the story and let them tell it for 2-3 minutes then stop them. The next person has to continue the story from where they left off. Continue until the story is ended.

S – Service projects. Pick a project that your family can do together like making cookies to deliver to children in the hospital, making cards for men and women in a nursing home, or prepare a dinner for someone you know that is sick or needs a pick-me-up.

T – Treasure hunt. Buy toys and other items from a dollar store near you. Hide the toys and items around your house and make up a map to let the other family members know where to look by giving them clues. Bring everyone back for the final clue where they will find homemade cookies or some other yummy treat!

U – Unwrap the presents. Buy toys and other items from a dollar store near you. Get one gift for every member of your family, but make them generic gifts that anyone would like (i.e., candy, small notebook, etc.). Wrap each gift in multiple layers of wrapping paper. Have your family sit in a circle and play music. Have them pass one of the presents around in a circle until you stop the music. Whoever is holding the gift gets to take one layer of wrapping paper off of it. Continue until someone opens the actual gift. They get to keep this gift and are now out of the game. Repeat until all gifts are unwrapped and everyone has something.

V – Volunteer. Let your church know that your family would like to work on a project together to help the church.

W – Watch movies. Snuggle up together with popcorn and drinks and watch a movie everyone will love. Turn the lights off to make it look like a movie theater.

X – Xtreme music concert. Have each member of the family sing a song as if they were a performer on stage. You can make your own microphones wtih tin foil, add some costumes, and be a star!

Y – Your very own family time capsule. You need an airtight container for your time capsule. Have everyone in the family contribute two or things to the time capsule. You can include things like photos, a newspaper, hair clips, a small Bible, coins from the present year, anything that will tell others what kind of family you are. Be sure to label everything with the year and any other information you think is important. Do not include items that will rot over time, like food. You can put in recipes instead! Seal the time capsule tightly and decorate the outside. Now place the time capsule somewhere where you think no one will look or remember for a really long time.

Z – Visit a zoo! See all the animals.

You know that family time is so important, but with our busy schedules these days, it is hard to etch out time to just be silly and happy together! Maybe these ABCs will help get the ball rolling for your family. Have fun!

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